A Quarter of the Streets of New York will be Converted for Pedestrians

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New York is getting greener and less crowded – a nonprofit has suggested taking car traffic off 25% of the city streets and giving them to the pedestrians!

A quarter of the streets of New York will convert for the pedestrians

Times Square; Credits: Library of Congress
Times Square; Credits: Library of Congress

Transportation Alternatives, a nonprofit dedicated to changing the city’s transportation priorities announced the plan. They have called for some 25% of the city’s street space to become pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, bus lanes, and green spaces by the year 2025. The plan is also known as NYC 25×25. Local activists and Mayor Eric Adams have voiced their support.

NYC 25×25

The plan includes the creation of 500 miles of protected bike lanes. Further 500 miles will be dedicated to bus lanes and a new secure garbage container system. The size of public spaces that will be reclaimed is equal to thirteen times the size of Central Park (13×843 acres).

Solved problems


Statistics show that private transportation is responsible for the majority of New York’s pollution. A curious fact is that actually, the majority of the residents don’t own a car. The measures, suggested by Transportation Alternatives, will improve significantly the ecological footprint of the city.

Transportation Alternatives (TA)

For nearly 50 years, TA has led the movement for safe, fair streets in New York City. They believe that New Yorkers own the streets. TA works with New Yorkers in each neighborhood to build a future that meets the needs of our communities.

TA uses a combination of grassroots organizations at the neighborhood level and citywide advocacy. That way they push for changes in public policy, street design, law enforcement, and resource allocation that will change our city’s streets for the better. They believe in the power of the grassroots to make meaningful change on the streets of New York City. TA is continually building our coalition of committed activists and partners, now numbering 30,000.

A greener New York City


The Open Streets initiative by Street Lab is one of the most beloved, yet very recent initiatives in New York City. Since the spring of 2020, it closed multiple streets all across New York. That way they left them open for pedestrians, even turning them to open event spaces.

A greener, less-crowded New York will certainly spur our free tour and make it even more attractive!

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