Akhnaten at the Metropolitan Opera: May 18 – June 10!

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Akhnaten returns to the Metropolitan Opera. Philip Glass’ opera will run between May 18 and June 10! Tickets are on sale!

Akhnaten at the Metropolitan Opera!

Philip Glass’ 1983 masterpiece is reborn in this blockbuster directed by Phelim McDermott. Get your heart pumping with visionary effects, acrobats, and performers. And discover the story of one of Egypt’s most revolutionary pharaohs. Together with his wife Nefertiti, Akhenaten changed the face of his kingdom. The third in a trilogy of portraits of the minimalist composer, this wonderful new work stars Anthony Roth Constanzo and Rihan Chaieb and is conducted by Karen Kamensek.

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Akhenaten Opera dialogues are composed using various texts from ancient letters, hymns, inscriptions, and prayers; for added historical authenticity, the opera will be sung in Hebrew, Egyptian, and Akkadian. It focuses on the life and religion of the titular pharaoh. From the early days of his reign at Thebes to modern times, his spirit and that of Queen Nefertiti mourning their destroyed cities.


Akhenaten is set during Akhenaten’s 17-year reign around 1350 BC. The scene moves between Thebes, the capital of ancient Egypt, and the new capital, Akhetaten. It is located in Akhetaten, and the ruins of Akhetaten, which were later destroyed.

World Premiere: Staatsoper, Stuttgart, 1984

Akhenaten is one of Philip Glass’ three major operas of Nonviolence. In particular, Satyagraha and Akhenaten deal primarily with unseen forces. They affect the inner (psychological), interpersonal (political), and universal (mystic) aspects of existence, themes that are unique through the composer’s captivating musical lines depicted.

Philip Glass’ mesmerizing modern masterpiece was a big hit at the company’s 2019 premiere. It returns in Phelim McDermott’s haunting production, which brings ancient Egypt to life with stunning sets and vaudeville. Anti-tenor Anthony Roth Costanzo reprises his famous role as revolutionary pharaoh Akhenaten, and mezzo-soprano Rihab Chaieb plays his wife and queen Nefertiti. Renowned Glass maestro and conductor Karen Kamensek is again at the helm.

Philip Glass

Philip Glass (b. 1937) is a prolific and influential American composer whose work includes film music. Also, chamber music, dance music and other plays, as well as operas in all forms. For the script, Glass worked with a team of authors to create a text that includes ancient inscriptions and letters, Psalm 104 of the Bible, and Fodor’s Guide to Egypt.

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