American Buffalo has returned to Broadway, April 14

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American Buffalo has returned to Broadway under the standing ovation of the audience and the superb critical acclaim!

American Buffalo has returned to Broadway

Darren Criss; Credits: Gage Skidmore

David Mamet’s play returned at the Circle in the Square Theatre on April 14. The venue was stacked and tickets are sold out weeks ahead (to that – in a minute).

Broadway - Last minute offers, monthly free tickets, up to 80% on discounts & many more...
Last minute offers, monthly free tickets, up to 80% on discounts & many more...
Sam Rockwell; Credits: Ivan Gonzalez

The show stars Tony winner Laurence Fishburne as Donny, Golden Globe winner Sam Rockwell as Teach, and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Darren Criss, who recently became a dad to a beautiful daughter (congrats!), stars as Bobby.


Credits: Dennis Yang

 Jeffrey Richards, Steve Traxler, Stephanie P. McClelland, and GFour Productions head the production. Further, Spencer Ross with Chris and Ashlee Clarke, Gemini Theatrical, Suna Said Maslin, Richard Liebowitz/Cue to Cue Productions, Patty Baker/Good Productions, Brad Blume, Caiola Productions, Joanna Carson, Arthur Kern, Willette Klausner, Jeremiah J. Harris, and Darren P. DeVerna, Van Kaplan, Patrick Myles/David Luff, Alexander Marshall, Kathleen K. Johnson, Diego Kolankowsky, Steve and Jacob Levy, Morwin Schmookler, Brian Moreland, Ambassador Theatre Group, Jacob Soroken Porter, and The Shubert Organization.


American Buffalo is a two-act play by David Mamet, produced in 1975 and published in 1976. With a sparse plot and lively dialogue, it examines the suspicion and dishonesty between the masterminds of a failed burglary.

Don Dubrow is the owner of a thrift store where the incident took place. He lost a transaction involving buffalo nickel. So, he decided to steal a customer’s coin collection. That is why seeks the help of a young addict named Bobby but is later convinced by a manipulative friend that Bobby is incompetent.

Don couldn’t trust either, so he invited a third person to join him. Bobby becomes the scapegoat as the theft plot breaks down and tensions lead to suspicion, anger, and violence.

The Circle in the Square Theatre

The Circle in the Square has a seating capacity of 840. It is located at the Paramount Plaza.

Access bathroom facilities are available with staff assistance.


Due to the venue’s rather small capacity, tickets are scarce and are sold out quickly. Here are several reliable vendors that provide either cheap tickets or good last-minute offers.

NY Tix has tickets starting at $119. However, after the service fee, prices rise up to $132.75.

Seat Geek has a good ticket inventory, but they also require a service and a delivery fee. So, after calculating the fees, the cheapest ticket costs about $139.

Broadway Pass has tickets starting at $119. This is one of the lowest prices on the market and they do not utilize service fees.

Vivid Seats sells cheap tickets at $91 but with a minimum purchase of two tickets. Also, they have both a service and a delivery fee.

Credits featured image: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Flickr

Broadway League has Extended the Mask Requirements until May 31

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