Andrew Thomas Is Ready to Return in Play for the Giants!

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It sounds like it would be a week-long deal for Andrew Thomas to emerge from the starting lineup, and the Giants will return their left tackle in Sunday’s game against the Rams.

Back to physical fitness

Out in the morning. Thomas had a sore foot in the victory in New Orleans. And he obviously limped when he went out to practice last week. He was active in Week 5. But because the Giants lost to the Cowboys 44-20, he didn’t play any games.

“My mentality has always been hard to play, but the coaches and medical staff, they will make the best decisions for the team and myself throughout the season, in terms of health,”

“I feel better, did a lot of work, did a lot of treatment, and worked hard to prepare for Sunday,” Thomas said on Tuesday in the latest episode of the New York Post’s “Blue Sprint” podcast, Thomas said which will be broadcast on Thursday.

Andrew Thomas – Vital for the Giants

Before the Dallas game, Thomas received a wide range of exercises. And coach Joe Judge, general manager Dave Gateman and medical staff are all watching. Thomas said:

“I think this is the best time I have moved since the injury.” “It’s like in practice [last week] I got some representatives, but they can see that I’m a bit clumsy. But that’s my whole thing. The best time to move this week, so I think this is progress.”


In the absence of Andrew Thomas, the Giants transferred Nate Solder to a left tackle. And asked Matt Pelt to start a right tackle from the bench. The offensive line was not allowed to be dismissed. But Daniel Jones was duressed for most of the first half and then was eliminated in the second quarter due to a concussion. The judge said that putting Thomas in a uniform was “more like an emergency transaction. We have a plan to let others play first.”

The judge said: “We are optimistic to continue to let him play with us and let him roll.” Thomas participated in all 16 games as a rookie, 15 of which started-he did not start in Washington because he was late for the team meeting. He started in the first four games of the season, and his performance has been greatly improved. So that the coaching staff did not give him any help, and provided additional pass protection interceptors.

The Giants do not want players to announce their availability status-this is from the head coach. However, the 22-year-old sounded ready to participate in the competition. “I feel better,” he said. “As I said, that was my best result in that exercise. A few days off will definitely help.”

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