Anyone Can Whistle at the Carnegie Hall, March 10!

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Into the Woods Tony winner, Joanna Gleason will narrate MasterVoice’s upcoming concert of Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents’ Anyone Can Whistle, set for March 10 at Carnegie Hall.


Gleason joins a cast led by Vanessa Williams. It also includes Santino Fontana, Elizabeth Stanley, Douglas Sills, Eddie Cooper, and Michael Mulheren as previously announced.

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Anyone Can Whistle at the Carnegie Hall

The one-night-only event will also be recorded and released in the future. Gleason joins the rare Sondheim-Laurent musical. She previously played the role of Baker’s Wife in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods,” in Nick & Nora Played the role of Nora Charles, who was written and directed by Laurents. Her last Broadway show was Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Although rarely performed today, Sondheim’s score incorporates many of the songs that have become Sondheim’s favorites. This includes “There Won’t Be Trumpets,” “Anyone Can Whistle,” “Everybody Says Don’t,” and “With So Little to Be Sure Of.”


Conducted and directed by MasterVoices Artistic Director Ted Sperling, Williams will appear at the concert as Cora Hoover Hooper. She is the mayor of a struggling city who invents false Miracles to grab headlines and attract tourists. The musical premiered on Broadway in 1964 with a cast led by Angela Lansbury and just 21 performances.

Sperling will lead the creative team for the event, which includes choreographer JoAnn M. Hunter, lighting designer Aaron Tacy, sound designer Marc Salzberg, and costume coordinator Tracy Christensen. “MasterVoices mourns the recent passing of the irreplaceable Stephen Sondheim,” Sperling said in a previous statement.

“Steve was a friend, great colleague, and mentor of mine. He was so happy we revisited ‘Anyone Can Whistle’. It features one of his favorite songs ‘With So Little to Be Sure Of’. And he agreed to help us with this project. … We know that his spirit will be with us when we bring his and Arthur’s work back to the stage.” MasterVoices’ 2021-2022 season ended this June with “Summer Night’s Song” starring Tariq Al-Sabir and West Side Story star Shereen Pimentel. We will get the date and location of the concert in the coming weeks.

Limited tickets for Anyone Can Whistle are available at

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