Disney’s Aladdin has been canceled until October 10th at the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway. The musical was reopened on September 28 due to the coronavirus closure. But the start has not been smooth since then: due to the discovery of a breakthrough COVID-19 case inside the company, the evening performance on September 29 was canceled.


After two rounds of testing, The performance resumed on September 30th. However, now, more breakthrough cases have plunged musicals into darkness again. “I believe these positive cases are likely to be related to the contact of a positive case,” said Bryce Adamson. He’s an epidemiologist who worked with Disney Theatrical Productions, adding that the extended downtime would make the test positive. Individuals have time to fully recover and allow the company to determine any other breakthrough cases before the actors gather again.

Aladdin canceled until October 10th

Aladdin is the first on Broadway and the only one that has been canceled so far since it began to welcome the return of the audience in June. The show, like all other shows, requires all company members and viewers to be vaccinated. Those who are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccination (for example, due to age) must show proof of a recent negative test result. The performance is now expected to resume on October 12. Ticket holders of the affected performances will be refunded at the original point of purchase.

COVID – 19 issues

Due to a breakthrough COVID-19 case discovered within the company, the Aladdin evening show on September 29 was canceled. Disney’s Aladdin reopened at the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway on September 28. Aladdin is the first Broadway show to be canceled due to the new COVID-19.

According to the “New York Times” report, this popular musical was premiered by three substitutes. Disney stated on September 29 that a coronavirus case had been detected “through our rigorous testing procedures.” “The health and safety of guests, actors, and staff is our top priority.” All tickets for the September 29th show will be refunded upon initial purchase. The Disney Theater confirmed that after two rounds of PCR testing, no new breakthrough cases were found within 24 hours. “Aladdin” will resume on the evening of September 30.

Aladdin Performance Canceled COVID-19, Sept. 29

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