Six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald will return to Broadway in the Ohio State Murders of Adriana Kennedy. Kenny Leon will steer the production with an additional cast, creative team, theater, and dates announced in the coming months.

Audra McDonald in Ohio State Murders

This is not the first time McDonald’s and Leon have dealt with Kennedy’s work. Earlier this year, the show’s digital reading. It aired as part of Broadway’s best episodes in the focus series. Adriana Kennedy is a member of the Theater Hall of Fame. She’s a winner of the Obi Lifetime Achievement Award, Kennedy is a playwright, lecturer, and writer. Her other works include the Black Man’s Funny Room, Joan and Jean, and the Sleep Deprivation Room in a concert.

“I’m so excited. It only took me 65 years to get into Broadway!” Kennedy said.


The Ohio State Murders tells the story of novelist Suzanne Alexander. She returns to Ohio State University to talk about the violence in her writing. They include the world premiere of Rajiv Joseph’s King James and the planned Broadway revival that shouldn’t die naturally.

Decades later, the talented writer returned to her alma mater to talk about her work-revealing the heartbreaking truth and creepy mystery of her life in the shadows.

The Ohio State Murders premiered at the Great Lakes Theatre Festival on March 7, 1992, directed by Gerald Freedman. On October 27, 2007, the New Audience Theater premiered the play on Broadway outside The Duke on 42nd Street. The play is directed by Evan Yionoulis, LisaGay Hamilton, and Cherise Boothe. Further, Kobi Libii, Aleta Mitchell, Julia Pace Mitchell, and Saxon Palmer collaborated.

Cast and creative

Serving as lead producers are Jeffrey Richards, Rebecca Gold, Jayne Baron Sherman, and Irene Gandy.

Through unforgettable memories and lyrical monologues, Obi Prize winner Adrienne Kennedy “brought us subtle and brave into the dark heart of America.” Tiffany Nicole Green Director When Susanna came to Ohio State University as one of the few black freshmen in 1949, she found that the “safe haven” of academia had almost no shelter.


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