The Broadway League announced on October 1 that it would extend its COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Audiences now need to show a complete vaccination certificate before entering any of the 41 theaters on Broadway until the end of the year. The extension also applies to performers, backstage staff, and theater staff.

Broadway League updates vaccination requirements

According to the current policy, audiences must also wear masks when performing. Patrons who cannot be vaccinated due to age restrictions must show a negative test. In the case of PCR, within 72 hours, and in the case of rapid antigen within 6 hours.

The Broadway League representing theater owners and producers originally announced the vaccination requirements for theater audiences on July 30. At that time, the only show that had opened after the pandemic—Springsteen on Broadway—has been Issued its own vaccination requirements.

The initial decision is valid until October while allowing time for future performances. In the months since vaccine inspections have been the norm for almost all indoor recreational activities. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Key to New York” program was launched in August. With the increase of Delta variants and breakthrough cases and requested customers to provide information in stadiums, restaurants, and venues Proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Aladdin Canceled until October 10th Due to COVID Cases

As of October 1, 17 shows were staged on Broadway. This includes both new plays and musicals that were discontinued in March 2020. Only “Aladdin” was canceled due to a breakthrough case in the cast.

“Aladdin” is the first on Broadway and the only one that has been canceled so far since it began welcoming viewers back in June. This program, like all other programs, requires all company members and viewers to be vaccinated. Those who are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccination (for example, due to age) must show proof of a recent negative test result. It is now expected that the performance will resume on October 12, and the ticket holders of the affected performances will refund the tickets at the original point of purchase.

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