Below is a list of all upcoming Broadway shows that have been canceled due to Covid-19 or other reasons. This includes other illnesses and injuries. This has the latest information on Broadway show cancellations.

Skeleton crew

Due to the company’s Covid-19 case, Skeleton Crew’s performances on Broadway were canceled from January 1 to 9. And the performance will resume on January 11. The show also postponed the opening night to January 19th.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Due to the pandemic, Mrs. Doubtfire will be on vacation for 9 weeks from January 10 to March 14. March 15 is the announced date for the show’s return. All performances as of January 9th will continue.

Off – Broadway shows have canceled due to COVID-19

Find out the most recent off-Broadway shows that have canceled shows due to Covid-19 or other reasons.


SHHHH canceled the first two shows “out of a high level of vigilance for the health and safety of the company and the audience”. The show will now begin on January 14 at the Atlantic Theater Company.

Canceled Broadway shows because of COVID – 19 – word of advice and tips

Call your respective reseller. They will provide you with the needed options and info. No matter the reasons. You can also check our website for updates about canceled Broadway and non-Broadway shows.

In conclusion

Some Broadway shows are not canceled despite the COVID-19 pandemic not being over. Theaters have implemented a number of protocols to keep theater staff and audiences safe. They include testing and vaccination requirements, masks, enhanced cleaning, and more. Sometimes, a company member or staff member tests positive for Covid-19. Or if the actor fell due to a different illness or injury.


Credits featured image: Peter K Burian, Wikimedia Commons

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