This is the best time of the year because the holiday theater is back in this season along with amazing shows to see on Broadway during the Christmas holidays!

Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes

It is one of New York’s most iconic holiday programs. The Radio City Christmas Gala celebrates this season for nearly 90 years. Rockettes perform reindeer, Santa Claus, tourists, and perhaps the most famous figure is the toy soldier in their iconic precise dance style. Classic Christmas tunes are combined with modern elements. Like a 3D simulated sleigh traveling through the city with Santa Claus, and a story of two little boys trying to find the perfect gift for their sister. Whether you have never seen a spectacular sight or go there every year, this New York holiday tradition is sure to refresh you.

A Sherlock Carol

This is a new twist in the Christmas classic. Sherlock Carroll combines Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’s world into a holiday mystery. The young Tim, now an adult, asks Holmes to investigate the mysterious death of Ebenezer Scrooge. Since the death of his mortal enemy Moriarty, Holmes has nothing to do. On Christmas Eve, Holmes is dealing with the case. And the ghosts of the past, present, and future are visiting Holmes like Scrooge.

Nutcracker Rouge

This is a special holiday special for adults. The Nutcracker Rouge is a sexy interpretation of the classic Nutcracker story, performed by XIV Company. Since 2013, the company’s performance of “The Nutcracker Rouge” has received critical acclaim. The show combines burlesque, opera, and circus performances, re-interpreting Clara, the Nutcracker, and Sugar Plum Fairy. The audience was immersed in the sensual side of the candy country. And the experience included cocktails, champagne, and gourmet food.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas The classic TV special was only four nights in Palladium-Times Square. The Peanuts have discovered the true meaning of holidays by performing Christmas dramas, singing carols, and in Charlie Brown’s case, decorating a small Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. The audience can even sing holiday tunes with the actors at the end of the show.

Christmas Holidays on Broadway

As holiday decorations begin to appear on the streets of New York, many large tents will be lit up with Christmas performances and the spectacular names of the festival that will only be played for a few months. Through these programs, you and your family will be immersed in the festive atmosphere. Many of these programs bring freshness to your familiar and favorite beloved stories (such as the Nutcracker and Christmas Carols). In addition, the holiday season plays an important role in some Broadway musicals that you can watch throughout the year.

Credits featured image: John D., Flickr


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