Prior to the reopening of Longacre Theatre, the release date and complete tracklist of Diana: The Musical cast recordings have been determined. The recording of Diana: The Musical Actor will be released on September 24. “Diana: The Musical” will premiere on Netflix on October 1st.

Diana The Musical: Cast Recordings and Score

The musical features original books and lyrics by Joe DiPietro, with music and lyrics written by David Bryan. The score includes 22 original songs. Speaking of the album, David Bryan said: “It was an incredible experience to make this album. We did it during the closure period under the agreement. The musicians have not played for a long time. You can feel it on every track.”


The actor recording is starring the original Broadway actor Diana: The Musical. And they will also return to the show in November. Jenna DeVal plays the nominal Princess Diana. Roy Hattrapf plays Prince Charles, Irene David plays Camilla Parker Bowles. Judy Kay plays Queen Elizabeth. The cast consists of Zach Adkins, Tessa Alves, Ashley Andrews, Austin Danielle Bomer, Holly Ann Butler, Stephen Carrasco, Richard De Gata, Lauren EJ Hamilton, Emma Hearn, Shaye B. Hopkins, André Jordan, Gareth Keegan, Nathan Lucrezio, Tomás Matos, Chris Medlin, Laura Stracko and Bethany Ann Tesarck.


Diana: The musical is a biographical musical that dramatizes the life of Diana Spencer in the royal family. Trapped in a loveless marriage to Prince Charles, the show celebrates her life and how she became the most famous woman in the world. And creating her own legacy. The music video for the eighth song of the show, titled “The World Falling in Love”. It is now available to watch. “The World Falling in Love” is composed of Jeanna de Waal. You can watch Diana: The Musical’s “The World Fell in Love” video below.

TINA is set for a return!

Credits featured image: Dian: The Musical Official Facebook Page