Douglas Lyons’ family comedy “Chicken and Biscuits” will premiere in the amphitheater of the Broadway Square Theatre on September 23rd. The show will premiere on October 10!

Douglas Lyons’ Chicken and Biscuits: what to expect

Production star Noam Lewis as Reginald Marbury, Michael Uri as Logan Leibovitz, Cleo King as Barneta Marbury, Natasha Yvette Williams played Brianna Jenkins, and Deville Rogers played Kenny Marbury. Ebony Marshall Oliver Beverly Jenkins, Aigner Mizell, and Alana Raquel Bowles will reprise their roles. The substitutes are Dean Acree, Jennifer Fouché, Michael Genet, Miles G Jackson, and Camille Upshaw.

The cast talks about the upcoming play, set to begin performances at the Circle in the Square Theatre on September 23.


Douglas Lyons’ Chicken and Biscuits is directed by Zhailon Livingston (the youngest black director in Broadway history), the setting is designed by Lawrence E. Moten III, the costumes are designed by Dede Ayite, the lighting is Adam Honoré, the sound design of Twi McCallum, the cast is cast by Erica A. Hart And Lark Hackshaw’s production stage manager. The show premiered at the Queen’s Theatre on February 28, 2020, but was interrupted due to the pandemic. This work marked the Broadway company, creative, and production team (including the playwright Lyon) for the first time on Broadway.


Chicken and biscuits followed the Jenkins family to celebrate their father’s life. The eldest daughter, Banetta, wants everything to be perfect. The self-proclaimed favorite daughter, Beverly, would rather dress up to show off her father. The teenage granddaughter La’trice doesn’t mind her business. In addition, there are grandson Kenny and his Jewish boyfriend Logan. Then, when the family secrets appeared at the funeral, everything began to fall apart. The upcoming production marks the Broadway company, creative and production team (including playwright Lyon) for the first time on Broadway.

Company Prepares to Return on Broadway, Cast Announced

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