Jagged Little Pill announced a full Broadway Cast. Broadway alumnus Heidi Blickenstaff will temporarily play Mary Jane Healy, and current Tony nominee Elizabeth Stanley will take maternity leave.

Jagged Little Pill – Broadway cast

By various reports, the most popular stage play will share this role after Stanley returns. “I am very excited for Elizabeth to become a mother!” Alanis Morissette said. “And I am very happy that she can replay the role of Mary Jane. And in a way that cares about this very important chapter in her personal journey by sharing this role with Heidi. She is a mother.

This level of support is exciting, collaborative, and clearing the way for mothers. Knowing that they can maintain expression and stay connected with their artistic community while embracing the priority of motherhood.”


In other casting news, Morgan Dudley will make his Broadway debut as Frankie Healy. Tony nominee Celia Rose Gooding is the original creator of the role. But has withdrawn from the production due to other commitments, including the filming of “Star Trek: A Strange New World.”

“We were deeply moved by the talent and spirit of Morgan Dudley. He fascinated us from the first moment we saw them,” said producer Vivek J. Tiwary. “When we start to reopen… we have new hope and determination. And we are creating an inclusive space, a space where everyone can thrive.”

Blickenstaff recently starred in a musical (and a Disney Channel original film) adapted from Freaky Friday; her main work includes [program title], Something Rotten! and The Little Mermaid. Dudley, a native of Georgia, recently appeared as a dancer in the Netflix movie “Prom.”


Last week, the producer took a number of measures to resolve the controversy over the show’s description of gender identity during the suspension, especially through Joe’s role. Action items include a written apology, the hiring of Colette Luckie as the director of personnel and culture, and a promise to be more inclusive when selecting transgender or non-binary actors.

Two non-cisgender ensemble members-Iris Menas and Nora Schell-quit production during the suspension. The Alanis Morissette Jukebox Musical will reopen on October 21st at the Broadhurst Theatre. During the closure, Jagged Little Pill won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album, and won the 2020 Tony Award nominations (including best musical) for the most current season’s shortcut.


Returning to the production will be Derek Klena as Nick Healy, Sean Allan Krill as Steve Healy, Kathryn Gallagher as Bella, Lauren Patten as Jo, and Antonio Cipriano as Phoenix. The ensemble will welcome Runako Campbell, Janine DiVita, Veronica Otim, Wren Rivera, and Grace Slear—with Annelise Baker, Yeman Brown, Jane Bruce, John Cardoza, Ken Wulf Clark, Logan Hart, Zach Hess, Max Kumangai, Heather Lang, Kelsey Orem, DeAnne Stewart, and Kei Tsuruharatani all returning. Check out the new cast performing below.

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