Slave Play by Jeremy O. Harris will host a digital lottery at the August Wilson Theater. The play began on November 23rd and will open on December 2nd.

Slave Play and its digital lottery

The lottery ticket costs $25 each, and each participant can apply for one or two tickets per performance. The lottery for the performance of the week starts at noon every Monday, and the day before each performance is at 9:59 a.m. for a few hours to collect and purchase their tickets.

Slave Play on Broadway

The old South lives on the McGregor plantation-in the breeze, in the cotton fields… in the cracks of the whip. This is a fanatical dream before the war. Fear and desire are intertwined in the looming shadow of the master’s house. When Kaneisha handled the watermelon in the cabin, Jim was shaking. Alana was sweating while Phillip played the violin in the boudoir. And Dustin curled up on the heels of Gary’s big black boots in the barn. Nothing is what it looks like, but everything is what it looks like.

Following its premiere on Broadway in 2019, “Slave Play” made history in 2020 with 12 Tony Award nominations, the most nominations for drama ever. Now, Jeremy O. Harris’ play is being staged for the second Broadway show. The show tells about three couples of different races whose black partners have lost their appeal to white partners. The couple participated in sex therapy to resolve their feelings. When they played sex games on a simulated plantation, they eventually faced racial trauma and power imbalance in their relationships.


Jeremy O. Harris’ Slave Play is returning to Broadway for a limited engagement beginning November 23. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the groundbreaking play that rips open history at the intersection of race, love, sex, and sexuality in 21st-century America.


Credits featured image: Montclair Film, Flickr

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