Richard Nelson and his latest play “What Happened? The Michaels Abroad” will be premiere this summer. “What happened? Michaels Abroad” will perform at the Frederick Loewe Theatre at Hunter College from August 28th to October 8th. This is the last performance of more than a dozen plays called Rheinbeck Panorama.


“My last two Apple Family Zoom dramas were produced independently,” said playwright and director Richard Nelson said. This inspired me and prompted me to create a new temporary theater.” The Rhinebeck Panorama is a collection of 12 plays that tells the lives of Apples, Gabriels, and Michaels from upstate New York for more than a decade. “What happened? Michaels Abroad” is centered on Michaels, the third family in the series. For this play, Michaels will participate in a student dance festival in Angers, France. Living in the pandemic, their lives have changed drastically.

What Happened?

This is a new part of Richard Nelson and his What Happened! What Happened? News night: The Michaels Abroad is on September 8, the same day as the episode. “what happened? The cast of “Michael Is Abroad” includes Charlotte Bidwell, Haviland Morris, Marian Plunkert, Jay O. Sanders, Matilda Sakamoto, Rei Tower Wolf, and Yvonne Woods. Directed by Nelson, Jason Adizone-West set design, Susan Shifletti costume design, Jennifer Tipton lighting design, and Will Pickens sound design. what happened? : Michaels Abroad at Hunter College from August 28th to October 8th.


From the four Apple Family dramas 12 years ago to the three dramas of The Gabriels, and the launch of A Pandemic Trilogy (three Zoom dramas) again last summer, Nelson’s panorama of Rheinbeck has grown from a small upstate village more than ten years ago. Contains a total of 12 plays. The Michael family, about the third family in this series, premiered in the fall of 2019. What happened? : Nielsen’s latest and last Michael is abroad, bringing an end to the panorama of Rhinebeck.

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