Jeremy O. Harris’ Slave Play will return to Broadway. This work directed by Robert O’Hara will begin on November 23 at the August Wilson Theatre for eight weeks. The show will officially open on December 2, with limited participation until January 23, 2022.

Slave Play to return on Broadway: Cast

The cast of the show’s return will include Tony nominees Ato Branksonwood, Charlie Latour, Irene Sophia Lucio, Anne McNamara, and Paul Alexander Nolan. All they appeared in the two previous shows on Broadway in New York. And outside Broadway in the New York Theater Studio, too.

Joining the ensemble will be Antoinette Crowe-Legacy, who will play Kaneisha. That’s a role that Harris wrote for the actress when he was studying at Yale University’s School of Drama. She originated from the first development work of Slave Play in 2017. As part of the Lanston Hughes Festival at Yale University.


“Slave Play return and its on Broadway for me marks an opportunity for New York. The world to re-recognize this drama that many people have seen in New York Theater Studios and Broadway in 2018 and 2019. And to recognize in its published version within a year Thousands of people when theaters all over the world are dim,” Harris said. “Doing this with Kanesa and the original team who played this role at Yale in 2021. This filled me with the kind of joy I saw when watching this play.

The first time I was in the classroom was five years ago. inside.” In “Slave Play”, the ancient South lives on the McGregor plantation. In the breeze, in the cotton fields… in the cracks of the whip. This is a fanatical dream before the war. The looming shadow of the master’s house interwinds fears and desire. Jim was trembling as Canessa handled the watermelon in the cabin. Alana was sweating as Philip played the violin in the boudoir, and Dustin shrank on the heels of Gary’s big black boots in the barn.

At the 74th Tony Awards

“Slave Play” produced in 2019 was previewed at the Golden Theater on Broadway on September 10, 2019. January 19, 2020, was when the final performance was held. Tony Award winner Clint Ramos designed the play. The costume design was designed by two-time Tony Award nominee Dede Ayite, and the lighting design was designed by Tony Award nominee Jiyoun Zhang. Lindsay Jones, who was twice nominated by Tony, performed the original soundtrack. After performing at the August Wilson Theater, the play will go to Los Angeles as part of the upcoming Mark Taper Forum season by Center Theater Group. After being nominated for 12 Tony Awards, this is the most drama nomination ever. At the 74th Tony Awards Ceremony, “Slave Play” did not win any trophies.

Credits featured image: Joe Shlabotnik, Flickr