The Radio City Rockettes have announced a new finale! A true New York City institution, the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a shining and breathtaking way to immerse you in the Christmas spirit! Now there is a brand new finale and updated special effects! Beginning in 1933, the Christmas Spectacle has been an unforgettable performance. With sensational singing and dazzling dances around the world-famous dance company.

The New Finale of the Rockettes!

Look forward to a series of stunning dance episodes, including a gentle interpretation of the nativity scene featuring real camels, sheep, and donkeys. And as well as their own version of the Nutcracker, and a life-size Thai dancing with Clara Di Xiong.

Be the first to watch the brand new finale, when 100 drones will take off. They create a charming holiday light show you have never seen before. Once the North Star appears in the iconic nativity scene, the “Christmas Light” will follow. And drones will fly in various patterns and shapes to create truly magical spectacles. In addition to this dazzling new performance, the Rockets will also wear new costumes and perform brand-new choreography! This is the real Christmas meal you enjoy. Whether it is flexibly navigating the classic “Wooden Soldier Parade” or wearing a candy cane through the magical snowy forest.

A vigorous and magnificent miracle that removes liars from your life and delights the whole family by making a pilgrimage to the country’s most luxurious and beloved Christmas event!

The Rockettes!

The Rockettes consist of 36 members, who skillfully bring magical Christmas scenes to life. Of course, there is no self-respecting holiday program without the great Santa himself. Real reindeer pull his sleight And don’t forget the wonderful performance of “12 Days of Christmas”, in which the Rockets wore holly and gold costumes!

The costume department is one of the most difficult tasks. During the entire performance, more than 1,300 costumes, decorated with Swarovsky crystals, are created and maintained over the stage in 90 minutes each. This makes them the most expensive in the performing arts One of the costumes! The audience will understand why more than one million tourists see and love this extraordinary event every year.

Credits featured image: Penn State, Flickr

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