Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden: Ticket Data

Everything you need to know about where, when, and how to purchase tickets for the show (without being taken advantage of)


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Price comparison across all ticket-selling platforms

Our price comparison tool shows you real-time ticket offers from all major ticket-selling platforms for Billy Joel's performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 


We summarized for you all ticket listings to save you time and money when shopping for seats for this event.




Where to buy tickets online

Here is a list of the major verified ticket sellers who offer seats for Billy Joel's performances in New York and their starting prices for the upcoming performances. 

At the moment has the lowest prices. It is also the official online platform for the box for all events in Madison Square Garden.


The other vendors are ticket reselling platforms where individuals and professional ticket brokers can list their tickets for resale. This is the secondary market.


For Billy Joel, typically the box office ( will carry the lower prices. However, when the box office is sold out your only option will be the secondary market. 

Service Fees

Unfortunately, service fees are part of the online ticket experience. And they can comprise a big chunk of the total price of the ticket. All ticket prices for Billy Joel's concerts in the Madison Square Garden that you see in our price comparison tool do not include the service fees vendors charge.


Service fees are typically around 10-15% of the overall cost of the ticket. But they may vary and some vendors adjust them according to the overall demand for the event, time to start, and other factors.


 Some vendors will pretend to sell cheap tickets only to make up the difference at the last step of the checkout with a huge service/order processing fee. Make sure you see the final price including all fees before making your decision to purchase!



How to buy your Billy Joel tickets in person from the Madison Square Garden box office

Because service fees online can be substantial, many concert-goers prefer to buy their tickets in-person, directly from the Madison Square Garden box office. The great thing about physical purchases is that the box office doesn't charge any fees. 


The Madison Square Garden box office is located in Manhattan on 7th Avenue between 34th and 33rd street. Once you go through the metal detectors and the security checkpoint (it is fairly quick) you will find some 15-20 windows where you can buy your tickets for Billy Joel (most of the windows will be empty but there will be usually at least 2-3 booths open). 


A good strategy is to select your tickets beforehand from, write the section and row number on a piece of paper, and tell the box office employee to sell you these seats if they are still available. Alternatively, you can ask them to recommend the best seats in a certain price range. You should always have some idea about the relative location of your seats since you will not see a screen with the availability at the moment. 




Seating chart for Billy Joel at the Madison Square Garden

Below is a sketch of the seating chart of the Madison Square Garden. 

Billy Joel seating chart at the Madison Square Garden

You can think of the Madison Square Garden as having 4 concentric circles, each above the preceding one: the 100 sections, the 200s, the 300s, and the 400s. 


Primary market prices (those at the box office) for sections 101-120 (painted in red above) typically start from $105 and can go up to $656, with the average price per seat being $169. These are the most expensive seats at the Garden and those closest to the stage. 


Prices for seats in the 200s sections (blue) typically start from $105 and go up to $381 with an average price per seat of $135.


The starting price for a seat in the 300s sections (dark green) is $65 and can go up to $231.


The remaining seats in the 400s sections are all priced at $65 per ticket. 


Prices in the secondary market are considerably more volatile and it is hard to establish a "typical price range" for them. Prices on resale sites can go above or below those in the primary market depending on how close we are to the start of the concert and the overall demand for tickets. 




Don't overpay for your Billy Joel tickets!

Billy Joel is one of the biggest draws in the Madison Square Garden. Whenever you have a popular performer like this, you will find that there are hundreds of vendors which sell tickets for this event. Many of them will do everything to be at the top of the search results of popular search engines like Google. 


It is very common to see similar seats being offered at vastly different prices between websites. We dug up an example of this. Here is a price comparison between two of the premier websites which sell tickets for these concert series. 



Billy Joel Ticket Prices - Ticketmaster

Billy Joel Ticket Prices - Stubhub

These are two screenshots for the March 24 Billy Joel concert of ticket offers by two of the largest online ticket retailers.


The first screenshot is from Ticketmaster. You can see that prices in the last row of section 417 (row 7) are 65.59 per seat. However, if you buy your seats online you will have to include service fees of $25 for a total of $90 per ticket. 


The second screenshot is from which is one of the largest resale sites for Billy Joel tickets. As you can see the same section 417, row 7 is being sold at $163 per ticket (including all fees). This is a 77% higher markup than what you would have paid at the other online platform.


So what should one do? Always check our price comparison tools to see the best prices across the entire ticket market for this event.  




Alternative ticket sources for Billy Joel's concerts in New York City

There are two main alternative ticket sources where you might find tickets for Billy Joel: classifieds websites (think and ticket scalpers outside of the venue.

We recommend that you avoid both of these as it is very difficult to make sure that the tickets that you are getting are real tickets. 


Normally we are friendly towards ticket scalpers since many of them actually sell real tickets.  However, buying tickets outside of Madison Square Garden is very challenging. If you go there on the evening of a Billy Joel concert you will find thousands of people and a very chaotic scene. Normally we would recommend that you ask the scalper to come with you until your tickets are scanned. But at a huge venue like MSG this is not feasible. They would have to go through security, huge lines and chances are scalpers won't agree to do this. If this is the case we recommend against you giving your money and having no way to make sure the tickets are real. 



How are Billy Joel's concerts selling at the moment

The following graph shows the dynamics of ticket sales at the box office for all upcoming Billy Joel concerts taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York City. On average, over the past 6 days, there are a little less than 100 tickets per day sold for a Billy Joel concert.

Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden: Total number of tickets available for sale
The graph depicts the total number of tickets listed at the box office over the last 6 days for all upcoming Billy Joel concerts taking place at Madison Square Garden