Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway: A Ticket Guide

Everything you need to know about where, when and how to purchase tickets for the show (without being taken advantage of)


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What is inside this Dear Evan Hansen ticket guide

Hi there and welcome to Hacker Tickets' Dear Evan Hansen ticket guide


Inside this post, you will find a real-time price comparison among all major online platforms selling tickets for this musical at the moment as well as full information on the box office availability and prices. In addition, we discuss when, where, and how to purchase your seats for the best results. 


This page is a one-stop shop for all relevant ticket and price information for Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.


Compare ticket prices across all sellers

In this section, you will find a live feed of all ticket offers currently in the market and listed by the major verified sellers including the box office at the Music Box Theatre. The ticket data is updated frequently and is always up to date. To compare prices for another date - use the dropdown menu.

Use the price table to check the best ticket offers for each upcoming date for Dear Evan Hansen. We filtered out only the best offers from across the major sellers. For example, if two platforms offer the same seats, we only show you the one with the lower price. Along with the ticket section, price, and quantity you can also see the vendor where this offer can be found. 


The bar graph under the table summarizes the number of tickets available for each date in each price range. We divided the market into two - box office (green bars) and resale sites (red bars). You will notice that when the box office is not sold out, it is usually the place where you can find the less expensive seats. 


Dear Evan Hansen is one of the most sought-after Broadway musicals. Therefore the next available performances are typically sold out at the box office and the only place where you can find tickets is on the resale market. 


Seating chart - Dear Evan Hansen (The Music Box Theatre)

Seating Chart for Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway (Music Box Theatre - New York)

The Music Box Theatre is one of the smaller Broadway venues. It only has two seating sections - orchestra and mezzanine. The mezzanine overhangs the orchestra up to row J. The typical price range for the orchestra seats at the box office is $87 - $397. At the same time, seats in the mezzanine will cost you between $87 and $197. 


Of course, if the box office is sold out your only option is to buy your tickets from the secondary (resale) market. These include platforms like StubHub, VividSeats, SeatGeek, etc. Ticket prices for Dear Evan Hansen on these platforms can be considerably higher (especially if there are no remaining seats at the box office). For example, the median price for a seat in the mezzanine on the resale platforms is $246 (based on data for the next 50 performances). 


Where to buy your tickets online?

Buying Dear Evan Hansen tickets online is convenient and safe, albeit a bit more expensive than in person (more on this later). Below is a list of the major ticket platforms where you can buy seats for this Broadway musical with their lowest starting price. should be the first place you try to purchase tickets from. It is the official online platform for the Music Box Theatre box office. In other words, the same tickets listed on Telecharge are the same you will find at the theater. The website is not the most user-friendly platform out there and checkout times can be unnecessarily long. But the website will often save you a ton of money by offering cheaper ticket options and lower service fees than most. 


When the box office is sold out, as will often be the case with a popular musical like Dear Evan Hansen, you should go to one of the other platforms on the list. They constitute what is known as the secondary ticket market for Dear Evan Hansen. In other words, they are platforms where people resell their tickets.


Dear Evan Hansen ticket prices on the secondary market are usually much higher than at the box office. 


Service fees and hidden charges when buying tickets online

The convenience of online ticket shopping comes at a cost. Every online platform which sells tickets for Dear Evan Hansen will charge you a service fee for each ticket you purchase. On the low end, these fees will be at least $10-$15 per ticket while on the high-end they can reach 20% of the sale price (or more). 


Beware of websites that seemingly offer low-priced tickets only to hit you with their service fees at the last step of the checkout process. 


However, service fees for Dear Evan Hansen tickets can be high and this is especially true for the resale platforms. The service charges can vary with time as the platforms adjust their fees in real-time with supply and demand. So make sure you know the total price including all fees and charges before making your final decision to buy. 


Buying your tickets (in person) from the Music Box Theatre box office

In order to buy your tickets in person simply go to the Music Box Theatre box office located at 239 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, and ask the staff behind the counter to show you the ticket availability.


The main reason you should consider buying your seats from the box office is that you will not be charged any service fees. You can pay by cash or credit card and they will print your tickets right there on the spot. 


We recommend this option for all theater-goers who live in New York City or in the vicinity. Local residents can go to the theater in advance and purchase their seats for a future date. However, since Dear Evan Hansen often sells out, visitors don't often have the option to go to the box office enough days in advance to ensure access to good seats. 


Buying in person

If you cannot visit the box office at least several days prior to the start of your performance you should consider buying your tickets online from and paying the service fees. This will give you a better choice of seats and prices which will be well worth the Telecharge service fees

The popular discount booth TKTS in Times Square doesn't sell tickets for Dear Evan Hansen.



Don't Overpay for Your Dear Evan Hansen Tickets

It is very easy to overpay for Broadway tickets. Dear Evan Hansen is no exception!


There are many verified websites that offer the same tickets for the same performance at different prices!


Here is an example of this:

Dear Evan Hansen Ticket Prices at

Dear Evan Hansen Ticket Prices at

These are screenshots from two of the most popular event ticket seller platforms in the United States. The first one is from the second largest resale platform - and the second screenshot is from


The lowest price for this performance of Dear Evan Hansen on is $152 for the last row (L) in the mezzanine. At checkout, you will also be charged a service fee of $42 per ticket which makes the final price $194 per seat.


The second screenshot is from the official box office online retailer for Dear Evan Hansen - The price for the same seats (row L) in the left or right mezzanine is $112 including all service fees. 


If you went to for these tickets you would overpay by 73% compared to the price offered by





Buying tickets from scalpers

If you take a stroll on 45th street between Broadway and 8th avenue around 8 pm you will see a line of people trying to get in the Music Box Theatre and see Dear Evan Hansen. Chances are you will also see one or two ticket scalpers "working the line".

Should you buy tickets from the scalpers? 


The truth is that many of the scalpers are professionals and they do sell real tickets. But it is very difficult to be absolutely certain that the tickets you are buying are real. So what should you do? 


Before you pay any money to the scalper, ask them to come with you to the entrance and only give them the money when the theater employee scans your tickets and clears you to enter. Many of the scalpers are aware of this and they would expect a similar arrangement. 


You should also look at the face value of the ticket they are selling you. Often, scalpers work for professional brokers who are trying to liquidate their unsold inventory. Therefore it is not uncommon to see them selling tickets at significant discounts. I would avoid buying tickets at a markup over the face value (unless I really need to be in the theater)




Parking near the Music Box Theatre

Parking in Manhattan is always tricky, not to mention expensive. We recommend that you don't drive when you come to see Dear Evan Hansen. (Public transport is always a great option). But if you really have to drive here are a few options:


Street parking is difficult to find and is always paid except for Sundays. The cost is $4.50 for the first hour and $7.50 for the second hour. We don't recommend street parking because you would need to be the luckiest person in the world in order to find a good spot near the theatre in a reasonable amount of time. 


Another option is going to the paid parking garages near the Music Box Theatre. Prices vary but if you enter between 6 pm and exit before midnight you will typically pay between $18 and $25 per vehicle. The price for full-day parking is typically twice this amount.