The global pop superstar – Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour had to postpone…twice. The first time was in 2020 and the second – in 2021. And in both cases – due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. The topping of the cake should be the concert of Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden!

We’ve been without any live entertainment for more than a year now. Broadway was closed down, concerts got canceled. The whole world seemed paralyzed. All stakeholders – producers, authority figures, and artists came up with measures for loosening and eventual canceling. So, many major superstars and top venues are preparing to party!

The Justice World Tour

The tour was launched in support of his fifth and sixth studio albums, Changes (2020) and Justice (2021). The tour was scheduled to begin on CenturyLink Field in Seattle, May 14, 2020, and was supposed to conclude at the MetLife Stadium, New Jersey, on September 26, 2020.

Sadly, the tour had to be postponed twice due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Supporting acts Jaden Smith and Kehlani had to be replaced due to the same reasons. Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour is now scheduled to begin at Pechanga Arena in San Diego on February 18, 2022.

Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden

The upcoming concerts of Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden are amongst the highly anticipated events post-quarantine. They will take place on June 13th and 14th. Most of the large vendors are already selling tickets and the venue is nearly sold out a year in advance.

The price range is enormous! Both the cheapest and the most expensive are scarce, but prices vary from $65 to $1,237. However, have in mind that the Madison Square Garden is huge, and you can find nice non-expensive seats with a great view towards the stage, and the high price of others does not guarantee the finest experience.

Primary market


Ticketmaster serves as the main distributor for Justin Bieber’s tour in 2021 and 2022, so it can be considered Primary market.

The bulk of the tickets are valued between $205 and $440. They provide a decent view towards the stage and considered Standard admission, priced at $205. There are cheaper tickets priced at $95.50, but they are very high above. The Silver VIP, Gold VIP, and Official Platinum cost $221, $305, $946 respectively. The front-stage rows cost $1,237.25 but they are impossible to find on the primary market, so be prepared to pay at least double.

Have in mind that Ticketmaster has multiple fees. In the case of the Justin Bieber concert in 2022, you’ll have to pay a total of $191.75 for the most popular ticket of $155.50 on level 100. This means that they are about 20 – 23 % of the price of the ticket.

Secondary market

As usual, finding tickets on the secondary market is easier, yet pricier. So, be prepared to dig deep. The most popular Secondary vendor is StubHub. The tickets are scarce and their prices are a bit higher. The prices of level 100 start at $234 and can reach up to $347. The cheaper options vary between $154 and $300. StubHub also has a handful of tickets for the front stage floors A – F. I find them rather expensive, varying between $394 and $650 for floors D, E, F up to $3,597, giving hardcore Beliebers a great chance to see their favorite superstar close-by. The regular prices cost around $1.500.

Other websites:

SeatGeek: $240 – $338 (with an included service fee)
BigStub – $251 – $351
VividSeats – $231 – $322
TicketIQ – $302 – $411

Best Seats in Madison Square Garden

The price gives a rather clear view of what the best places are. Cliché advises like the closer to the stage – the better and going for the seats in the center also work here. Front stage, floor level aside, I personally find the seats between Sections 107 and Section 117 the best (they cost $205.50 on Ticketmaster). If you’re looking for even cheaper, then go for Sections 212 to 222 (usual price of $155.50 or $95.50 at the higher rows).  


Mon • Jun 13, 2022 • 7:30 PM

Tue • Jun 14, 2022 • 7:30 PM

Purpose World Tour (2016 – 2017)

Justin Bieber is famous for touring a lot. The Justice World Tour initially planned for 2020 was the fifth one for the young Canadian superstar. His previous one – Purpose World Tour went for over a year (March 9, 2016 – July 2, 2017) with 162 on six continents. It had nearly 3 million people in the audience. The setlist included 21 of the controversial teen superstar’s greatest hits like Baby, Sorry, Let Me Love You, and more. I don’t think it’s a surprise that the tour was praised by both fans and critics.



One of the best live shows of 2016, writing: “It was grandiose, self-indulgent, erratic and, when he could be bothered, had some of the best live singing you’ll see. The ‘Purpose’ tour was like the life of a tortured pop star as performance art.”

Luke Morgan Britton NME

“A concert that shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bieber is back. […] Bieber had to prove that his comeback tour is exactly that — a performer’s return to top form, not just a fluke of well-produced singles and hooks. That unfortunate weight did seem to bear down on Bieber during the entire show — he brought out no special guests and remained solemn throughout the night — but over time, its heft will diminish.”

Marc Snetiker, Entertainment Weekly

“The concert was sublime vocally, visually and musically, Bieber and his scaled back band did justice to songs in a cavernous space, often elevating the material.” […] “Bieber sang for real, played the piano, acoustic guitar and rock drums all gracefully and danced with zero mistakes. Sure, his energy seemed tentative as his dancers did Matrix capoeira all around him, but the Purpose tour is off to a stellar start, showcasing a musician taking control of his art and an audience vibing along for his journey.”

Andrew Matson of Rolling Stone


His first track was ‘Mark My Words’ from his Purpose album. But just a couple of seconds into the song, people began to find something amiss. He was lip-syncing, and quite obviously. Of course his die-hard fans chose to overlook this little (or was it?) detail, but it began to look more and more obvious when he would take sips of water while his voice could be heard singing the track. Yes, it is understandable that the night would be high on the performance factor with Bieber having to run around a lot and join his backup dancers on a few steps, but is lip-syncing any way of paying respect to your fans?

Natasha Nair, Sherpa Land

Justin Bieber is busting some moves – just about. As the two-part, 90-minute extravaganza that is the 22-year-old’s Purpose tour embarks on its first night at London’s O2 Arena, Bieber – hair fuzzy like a recently demobbed marine – is leading a huge pack of back-up dancers. (“Front-up dancers”, Bieber fondly calls them at one point.) He himself is performing a series of slick, curtailed versions of their more athletic moves.

Kitty Empire, The Guardian

In conclusion

Justin Bieber is considered to be rather controversial, but all megastars should be. The young Canadian is one of the favorites of the young audience and the celebrity crush of many teenage girls. I’m sure that Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour will be a grand success and the two Justin Bieber concerts in the Madison Square Garden will be its highlight.

Stay tuned for more concerts!