How is this FREE Broadway Guided Tour happening?

Hacker Tickets is happy to partner with the Manhattan community to offer all who visit NYC a Free Broadway Guided Tour. Our New York travel guide will show you the finest tourist attractions and best places to visit in New York!

See what our travel guide has to say about the tour

About the New York FREE Tour

The travel guide is absolutely free and it is part of the efforts of the City of New York and the Informed Tourism Foundation to bring back the number of tourists to their pre-pandemic levels.

Although this is a free guided tour, you still need to reserve your spot as there is limited availability.

This English language tour continues for about 90 minutes and it is available every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

What are you going to see?

Broadway Theatres

The Most Iconic Ones

Times Square

The Center of the Universe

The Theatre District

Theater Subdistrict

And much more

From restaurants to famous locations

What you need to know

Everything you need to know about the tour, before reserving a spot.

Buying Broadway Tickets

Visiting a Broadway show is a must! As Europeans say – it’s like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Broadway is a major attraction and there’s a play for every taste.

However, buying Broadway tickets is not always a child’s play. The top shows are sold-out in advance and prices of last-minute tickets can be sky-high. Yet, that’s not a “mission impossible”. You can purchase tickets from the box offices of the venues (the best option).

TKTS - What is it?

Choose from a wide array of Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, plays, and dance productions on sale every day at 20% to 50% off regular prices. When you purchase your tickets from TKTS, you are supporting a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to sustaining and sharing the arts and developing the audiences of the future.

TKTS has a couple of huge cons – the queues can be very long, and tickets can be sold out pretty quickly. The solution can be the Secondary market resellers. There are several locations that sell tickets for Broadway shows scattered around Times Square. They will certainly sell you decent-priced tickets for the show you want to see, making your dream a “mission possible”!

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What are people saying about the tour?

Great job! One of the best New York tours I have been on. I was in New York on business and only had a day available. It was my first time in the city. I wanted to go on a tour but I didn’t know where to start (buses, bikes, boats, etc.). This seemed like a good starting point and I went for it. And it was great.

Adrew Lo

San Francisco

The tour took about 90 minutes. Our travel guide Andres was great – funny, knowledgeable, and respectful and was aware of the best places to visit in New York! In the end, he recommended a couple of restaurants which were the highlight of my visit.

George Phan


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