Genesis in The Madison Square Garden: The Last Domino? Tour

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Can he dance? Can he walk? Genesis are back on tour after 14 years, and they’ll play in the Madison Square Garden! Their current tour – “The Last Domino?” is up and running!

The Last Domino Tour will feature 38 shows between 15 September and 16 December 2021. The tour will feature shows in the UK, the US, Ireland, and Canada. This is the first time the band returns since they toured the world in 2007 for Turn It On Again: The Tour. And this time the line-up of the band is legendary! We will see the returns of keyboardist Tony Banks, guitaristс Mike Rutherford and Daryl Stuermer, along with Nic and Phil Collins. Nic takes the torch from his dad. Or should I say – the drum sticks?

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The Last Domino?

Speculations began in early 2020 when Collins, Banks, and Rutherford were spotted on a basketball game in NYC. Banks later admitted that the three have done some rehearsing. Full production rehearsals began in November, 2020. The band announced the tour on BBC Radio 2 in March, 2020. Pre-sales began on the 5th of March, 2020.

Touring in the United States

The US part of the tour is schedule to begin on November 15, with a two-night show in Chicago’s United Center. They will be followed by several large shows across the US and a couple of concerts in Canada. The tour is planned to end at the TD Garden in Boston, with another two-night show on 15th and 16th December.

Genesis in Madison Square Garden

One of the largest and highly-anticipated show is certainly that in NYC’s Madison Square Garden. Again – it is a two-night show, and it’s going to take place on 5th and 6th of December (Sunday and Monday).

The tickets are already on sale and the first night is nearly sold-out, so the better idea is to aim for the show on the 6th, which is still possible to book both on Primary and on the Secondary market.

Primary market

Tickets for Genesis’s “Last Domino?” are distributed by Ticketmaster. The Sunday evening concert is basically sold-out. Ticket prices for the show on Monday vary between $206 for Level 200, Premium Fan Packages that cost $656, and a mix between End of the Row Seats and Standard Admissions, that cost between $276 and $296.

Sections A to F and 1 to 4 are where the premium seats are. Of course, there are several Standard Admission tickets on the same price above, but they are usually sold-out first. Fan Package (sections F and D), and Premium Fan Package (sections 108 – 116) cost between $476 and $656.

The most expensive packs, addressed specially for only the top fans are placed in Sections C to A, and Section A exclusively. Named “I Can’t Dance” ($856) and “Tonight, Tonight” ($1.056), they provide an opportunity to the biggest fans with some exclusive privileges.

The service fees are around the usual – about 20 to 22% per single ticket and are calculated while you finalize your purchase. However, “Tonight, Tonight” have a service fee of only 14%.

Secondary Market

The “Last Domino?” is one of the prime music events even with the COVID – 19 pandemic still running wild. So, all of the major Secondary market vendors provide tickets for the two shows in the Garden.

Vividseats sell some rather cheap tickets. However, the minimum quantity is 2. For $222 you’ll get a couple of mobile tickets. Do remember that Vividseats charge rather large fees on both buyers and sellers. As a customer you might be charged with a fee of up to 25%, so shop carefully. On the bright side, these ticket giants have tickets that have passes for every section, so I believe this justifies the price.

Stubhub also sells tickets for “The Last Domino?”. The situation is rather similar to Vividseats when it comes to service fees. However, their prices are rather higher (check for the comparison below), but you can purchase a single ticket. They provide an even larger quantity than Vividseats for most sections, including the most expensive ones.

TicketNetwork also has a large quantity of tickets to offer. They charge a standardized service fee of 20% for all their tickets.


For the purpose of the comparison, we’ll take tickets for Section 209, Row 15 – the seats are very good and the price is rather low. They are also provided by all three vendors.

Vividseats – $274

Stubhub – $283

TicketNetwork – $288

Turn It On Again: The Tour

The last tour these iconic Brits were on tour was in 2007, more than 14 years ago! The “ Turn it on Again” was announced 7 November 2006. In a way, this was a way for the boys to celebrate 40 years since the band was formed.

The lineup was exceptional. It featured Genesis’s the 1977-1996 lineup of the band with talks held even with original front man Peter Gabriel. He, however, stepped back. Phil Collins was quoted saying “Peter is a little over-cautious about going back to something which fundamentally is fun.” The band had to start the tour as a trio after former lead guitarist Steve Hackett declined participation, following Gabriel’s decision to skip.


The tour in North America began with a two-night show in Toronto. It ran for 48 shows and concluded in another two-night event in LA’s Hollywood Bowl. Genesis played in front of crowded venues all over North America, and again – one of the best shows was in the Madison Square Garden. The show in New York earned more than $2 mil. in revenue! Sadly, it was only in a single night, but this year New Yorkers will be able to see their beloved prog rock band for two nights in a row!


The whole tour received controversial reviews. Fans of Peter Gabriel’s 70’s lineup were rather disappointed. However, those that enjoyed Phil Collins’s stint as the band’s frontman were thrilled!

Genesis is a forgettable adult-contemporary band of the ’80s and ’90s fronted by a well-liked, amiable bald dude. And Genesis is a rather obscure ’70s English prog-rock band with a penchant for extended instrumental jags.
The first band could fill an arena full of mildly interested star-watchers, and the second could thrill a theater full of hard-core fans and enthusiastic air drummers. But put the two bands on the same bill, and you’ve got some problems.

SHAY QUILLEN, Mercury News

Back to reality: It is this man who fulfilled the fans a dream: Please, Genesis, play live, just one more time. And since Peter did not feel like it they came with the popular line-up, without a new album, without the need to promote a product, without any pressure … well, almost.

Christian Gerhardts

In conclusion

As a fan of both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, I can’t wait to have the opportunity to see one of the shows of Genesis in the Madison Square Garden. Yes, there will be haters, and some might be left disappointed, but I’m sure that the good ol’ Brits won’t fail to deliver a lot of their fine humor and classy music.

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