Hadestown Announces Plans to Return – September 2nd!

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Broadway’s post-COVID curtain raise just got a little closer. Hadestown announces its plans to return to the stage before labor day. This will happen a full 10 days earlier than the earliest opening announced before.

So it begins!

As Hadestown announces plans to return, performances at the Walter Kerr Theater will begin on September 2nd. And tickets will be available to the public on June 11th. Prior to this, American Express cardholders will start pre-sale tickets on June 1st. And start another pre-sale for the “Songbird First Access” program produced on June 8.

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“In the past year, I have missed this show and our company very much,” shared director Rachel Chafkin. “Hadestown is about rebirth and the deep need to retell old stories in fellowship; I think it will be very powerful when the audience reunites with our company (on and off stage). Hadestown is also about a community coming together and call for change. As we have seen the demand for necessary changes across the country in the struggle for racial justice, economic justice, and environmental justice. I think the central theme of the show is to imagine how the world will develop. It will be very loud.”

High Acclaims

Hadestown won eight Tony Awards in 2019, including best musical. The cast to return to Broadway has not yet been announced. As of late May, Hadestown will be the first Broadway production to open after the prolonged COVID interruption that began in March last year. State and local officials announced earlier this month that Broadway will be allowed to reopen at full capacity in September. But most productions that have announced the return schedule so far have set more targets in the middle of this month or later. For example, Hamilton, The Lion King, and the villain will all reopen on September 14.

Hudderstown announced a national tour before the pandemic was suspended. the tour is scheduled to start in January 2021. It is now expected to start on October 14th at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Broadway is roaring to go!

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