Harry Styles in Madison Square Garden: Love on Tour!

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Harry Styles arrives at the Madison Square Garden to stay! He’ll give us a spook show on Harryween! The five shows are part of the former Directioner‘s “Love On Tour”. Tickets are selling out pretty fast, so you’d better buy some soon because there won’t be much left soon.

Love On Tour

The upcoming world tour is aimed to promote Fine Line. Harry Styles’ second solo album. It is a mega tour, consisting of 85 dates on the two sides of the Pond. The list included shows in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South America. However, were postponed due to the still-running COVID – 19 pandemic. So dates are to be announced.

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The tour is set to kick off at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. The final show with an announced date is the final one in the Madison Square Garden, October 31. There are a lot of planned concerts, and Harry will venture all the way up to Moscow, visiting London, Paris, and Berlin on the way!

Love on Tour: Harry Styles in the Madison Square Garden

So, if you’re a Directioner or a Harry Styles fan, then save the following dates for the Madison Square Garden:

  • October 3
  • 4 October
  • October 16
  • 30 October
  • October 31

As usual, I high advice you to buy tickets as soon as possible.


Primary Market

Surprise! Tickets on the primary market – Ticketmaster, are sold out! I find this meaning two things – one good and one bad:

You’ll have to pay more. Tickets at the secondary market are (almost) always pricier.

You can pick from a far wider pool of tickets. Secondary vendors usually have a rich inventory, most of the times better than that of the primary market.

Bonus – a second good one: most of the times secondary vendors release last-minute offers that have prices so low, that they rival primary market.

Secondary Market

Ok, now let’s finally buy some tickets! The leading secondary market vendors all have a decent amount of tickets on stock.

StubHub has a rich inventory of tickets for most sections for each night of Harry Styles and his show in the Madison Square Garden. However, prices are sky high. The cheapest ticket in StubHub’s inventory comes at the price of $372. The bulk of the tickets are in an interval between $400 and $600 per pass.

SeatGeek takes prices even further. Their prices start at around $449 and reach the stunning $7k for Section Gafl 02, Row GA2. Still, their inventory is full and there are plenty of tickets.

Vivid Seats’ tickets are also in the same price area, starting at $430.

Harry Styles on tour!

Love on Tour is the second solo tour of Harry since he left 1D. The tour began 19 September 2017 in San Francisco and concluded on 14 July 2018 in Inglewood.

It was a long tour, too, being composed of 89 shows all over the world – in the US, in Europe, in Singapore, Australia, Japan, and South America. Harry was greeted by more than 800.000 cheering fans! The tour was considered a huge success, generating $63 million in revenue.

Harry made a couple of stops in New York. His first one was nine days after the tour started, on 28 September. Mr. Styles performed in front of a packed Radio City Music Hall.

The second visit of Harry Styles consisted of two nights in a full Madison Square Garden.  His opening act was Kacey Musgraves. Both nights were sold-out and grossed in total $2,806,112 combined. This makes the two show in the MSG the most profitable evenings of the whole tour, both as separate single shows, and combined two evenings (the other two being in London, Mexico City, and Inglewood).

Fan and critical reviews

Jackie Kolgraf, United by Pop

Styles’ concerts are — in a combined effort between artist and fans — a safe space. I’m not talking about the “safe spaces” in universities that right wingers say are for millennial snowflakes. This is a judgment-free zone where you can, as Styles says nightly, “be whoever it is you choose to be.” Combined with Kacey Musgraves’ set, it’s three hours where the sadness of the world and its current political state can’t penetrate. It’s shared joy.

Chris Willman, Variety

The more modest touring start may not all be for appearance’s sake, though. Styles may also know that reinventing his performing style as a lone frontman is something that won’t be completely mastered in a gig or two. At the Greek, you could sense Styles still sussing out exactly how to make the transition from boy-band ensemble player to rock star — not that, being the most debonair twentysomething in the western hemisphere, he’s ever going to let you see him sweat it.

Rob Sheffield, The Rolling Stone

Night after night, Harry Styles is taking on the central pop-culture question of our moment: What does it mean to share joy, on a mass level, at a time when every day brings a constant barrage of rage? What does it mean to gather a pop tribe and then treat this tribe with respect and affection? Styles has never been coy about his aggressively inclusive stance – a few nights ago in Philadelphia, he waved a rainbow flag declaring “Make America Gay Again.” (He borrowed it from a fan up front.)

The Fine Line Album

Harry Styles is surely successful in the Madison Square Garden. And certainly this is the reason to have five shows in the MSG, promoting his last album. Harry loves the Garden and the Garden loves Harry.   

Like I mentioned above The Love on Tour is aimed to promote the Fine Line – Harry’s second studio album since leaving 1D.

The Fine Line was released on 13 December 2019 by Columbia and Erskine Records. Following the fine line set by One Direction, the themes are aimed towards teenagers and include breakups, happiness, and “having sex and feeling sad”.

The album contains twelve tracks, while six were released as singles – “Lights Up”, “Adore You”, “Falling”, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Golden” and “Treat People with Kindness”. Since its release, the Fine Line achieved numerous accolades:

  • Debuting at #3 at the UK Albums Chart,
  • Debuting at #1 at the Billboard 200
  • It earned 478,000 album-equivalent units
  • Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance
  • Brit Award for British Single of the Year for “Watermelon Sugar”
  • The Fine Line became the most recent album to be added to Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
  • It was certified as double platinum in the US after selling way over 2 million units in the country.

In conclusion

After a huge delay, Harry Styles will finally return to the Madison Square Garden. Fans (especially the younger ones) all over New York are ecstatic that they’ll see their favorite 1D star on stage! The Fine Line has a great dad rock vibe, so I’m sure their fathers will enjoy it too. I’m sure I will!  

Styles or Bieber? Or both?

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