Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden (January, 2022). A Ticket Guide

Everything you need to know about where, when and how to purchase tickets for the show (without being taken advantage of)


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Tickets for Billy Joel at MSG (January, 2022). What can you expect to learn from this post?

This post is a comprehensive overview of the market for tickets for Billy Joel’s performance on January 14, 2022 at Madison Square Garden.


The article is intended to be used by professional ticket brokers but can also be used by fans who simply want to find information on where and how to buy the best priced tickets (similar tickets can vary significantly from one website to another). 


The ticket information below is provided by the MSG box office and all major ticket selling platforms such as Ticketmaster, Stubhub, VividSeats, Seatgeek and many more. The data is automatically updated every few minutes so it is always current. 


The market data used below is continuously updated and is never older than a few minutes. You will find an up-to-date snapshot of all available ticket listings from every verified website in addition to the box office inventory. 


After reading this you will know what tickets are available for sale and how to purchase them. You will find out when it is warranted to buy from resale sites (e.g. Stubhub, VividSeats etc.) vs. the box office and how not to overpay for your seats.


Available Tickets for  Sale: A Market Overview

The following ticket data is continuously collected directly from all verified websites and the Madison Square Garden box office. Whenever a ticket group is available from more than one vendor we display the seller with the best price


Available Tickets


If you are looking for less expensive seats, you can find them directly at the box office at the moment. The majority of the seats are under $150 and there is a good number of tickets which are in the $100 range (see the bar graph below). The resale sites currently offer seats in the upper price ranges - typically starting at around $180 per seat and going up. 


Available Tickets for each Price Level
The box office at 'the Garden' offers the lowest-priced tickets with plenty of seats around $100.
6000 tickets are on the market

More than 13,000 seats have already been sold for this event, which is about 70% of the capacity. As you can imagine, Billy Joel is one of the biggest draws in Madison Square Garden. There are still a little over 4,000 seats left at the box office (mostly in the cheaper sections) and about 1000 seats are listed for resale. If you are looking for premium seats, then you should go to some of the resale sites like StubHub or Vividseats. They are considerably more expensive than what is left at the box office and they are being sold at a markup from their face value (the price they were originally purchased for). 


Available Tickets in Each Market
The majority of the tickets for this event have been already sold. Resale brokers hold large inventories.

Where and how to buy tickets for Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden?

The first thing you should decide is whether you want to buy tickets from the box office or from the resale market. Prices are cheaper at the box office, but tickets there are going quickly and at the moment, if you want a seat closer to the stage there are not many left. On the other hand, the secondary market (resale sites) still has some of the premium seats but they are considerably more expensive. 

Verified websites selling tickets online for this event

website price
from $87 buy
from $180 buy
from $180 buy
from $180 buy