Jordan Fisher Will Return as Evan Hansen

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Jordan Fisher will return as the leading role as “Dear Evan Hansen” resumes performance on December 11. Fisher announced the news in the appearance on “Good Morning America!” on Tuesday.

Some Big Returns

It is certain that Fisher will return as Evan Hansen. The other cast members of the musical that will return to the Music Box Theater, have not been announced yet. Fisher also starred in “Rent: Live” and “Hamilton”, playing Evan Hansen before Broadway closed on March 12, 2020.

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In addition to the reopening of Broadway, the London-produced “Dear Evan Hanson” will reopen at the Noel Coward Theatre on October 26. The North American tour will be in Greensboro, North Carolina on December 7.

Plot Summary

“Dear Evan Hanson” is a stage musical. It is written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, and Steven Levinson. The musical opened at the Broadway “Music Box” Theater in December 2016.

Evan Hansen is the nerd kid in every class. He has a few friends. He has a crush on the campus bully’s sister, Zoe. Although Connor, the bully doesn’t have much “stage time”, he is our other protagonist. Connor is a troublesome child from a dysfunctional family. He is a typical rebellious teenager and doesn’t care much about his family.

A Top Show

“Dear Evan Hansen” received the amazing nine nominations at the 71st Tony Awards and won six, including Ben Platt’s best musical, best soundtrack, and Best musical actor, and Rachel Bay Jones’s best musical actress. It promoted the young Ben Pratt (formerly Evan) to a Broadway star. His performance as an anxious teenager was wonderful, and he played his part brilliantly. Today, Evan is played by the budding star Jordan Fisher, Evan is younger and weirder, but still very good! Rachel Bay Jones played Evan’s single mother Heidi very well. Wonderful performance of Broadway household names like her. Despite the limited time, Mike Faist played a huge role as Connor. Laura Dreyfuss is amazing as his passionate sister Zoe. It is only a matter of time before they become the best characters on Broadway.

To Kill a Mockingbird is preparing for a huge return!

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