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How do last minute tickets work?

Each day Broadway box offices and ticket sellers have to find creative ways to liquidate their unsold inventory. No one likes empty seats!

Which makes it a great opportunity for savvy theatergoers to find cheap tickets for some of the best Broadway shows!

What's the catch? We can't know ahead of time which productions will have good last-minute offers. But we know some will!

So if you are willing to accpet tickets to any of the several shows you selected, then this opportunity is right for you!

You pay a single low price and you are guaranteed to receive tickets for one of the performances in your list. You will find out the name of the Broadway show on the day of the event, typically several hours before the start.

Last-minute tickets for the top performances are distributed first!

Our partners from BroadwayPass will facilitate the ticket delivery.

Going to Broadway doesn't have to break the bank!

Last Minute Tickets on Top Performances