Lion King Celebrates 20 Years on tour; Plus Broadway Ticket Info

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The Lion King celebrates 20 years on tour! The show is one of the leaders of modern-day Broadway and through its time on stage and on tour has broken several records!

Lion King celebrates 20 years on tour!

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The Lion King launched its first tour in April 2002 at the Buell Theatre in Denver. It went on to perform in over 9.000 performances in 93 cities.

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“The allegory of The Lion King is more relevant today than ever, a testament to the extraordinary creative power of Julie Taymor and her remarkable team of collaborators—from the creators and songwriters of the movie to the theatre artists who brought the story to the stage”

Thomas Schumacher, President, and Producer of Disney Theatrical Productions

The Lion King also has several UK and international tours behind its back. The show played in front of full crowds in Toronto, Mexico City. Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg, The Hague, Paris, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and all over the world.

Lion King on Broadway

The Lion King is one of the flagship shows currently performing on Broadway. It is based on the iconic Disney film of the same name. The show made its Broadway premiere in 1997, featuring all iconic Elton John and Tim Rice songs from the movie.

Since 1997, the Lion King broke several records, including the top-earning title in the Box office. Since its premiere, the Lion King grossed more than $8 billion.

The Minskoff Theater

The Minskoff is located at 200 West 45th Street. It has a seating capacity of 1,621.

Two wheelchair-accessible unisex restrooms are available at the Minskoff Theatre. One is located on the Orchestra level whilst the second is on the Mezzanine level. Both can be accessed using an elevator in the main lobby which is specifically for patrons with disabilities.


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Tickets for the Lion King on Broadway are in exceptionally high demand even to this day. That is why you need to act faster when shopping and be prepared to pay a high price. is one of the most popular destinations for show tickets. This is partly why they are sold-out weeks, even months ahead. They have a handful of tickets starting at $149 plus a service fee.

Broadway Pass has secured a good amount of tickets with a starting price of $149 but without added service fees.

Ticketmaster also provides a good number of tickets. Their tickets start at $162.25 including their numerous service fees.

Broadway Direct sells tickets at $149, which turns into $162 when you add the fees.

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