Milwaukee Bucks With a Comeback vs. The NY Knicks

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Even in a season where the Milwaukee Bucks and their championship can conceal any regular season disappointments, it would have been frustrating to lose 20 points lead against the NY Knicks.

Milwaukee Bucks vs NY Knicks

Fortunately, they won for the second time in a row with a score of 112-100, alleviating even small anxiety. Although not as popular as last Friday, Milwaukee led the Knicks 31-22 early. At the end of the half, they led 51-42, trailing Bobby Portis by 16 points. The gate opened in the third quarter, and the Bucks once again led 70-46, but the Knicks tied the score to 16 points (82-66) at the beginning of the final quarter. New York made it a close match, but a three-game winning streak in the final minutes cemented W.

Game progression

As the Knicks approached and made a key shot from outside the three-point line to make up for the scoring gap, Milwaukee equalized the score with a 9-14 score in the fourth quarter alone. The Bucks led 95-94 with 4:02 remaining in the game and then locked the score with three Connaughton three-pointers and two Grayson Allen three-pointers with a score of 17-6.

Milwaukee’s role players shoot in a game that may never be so close. Connaughton led all scorers with 23 points that night. Unfortunately, the Bucks reacted like their defending champion, burying the Knicks under an avalanche of three-pointers to regain control of the game in the final minutes. Milwaukee hit 26-50 from the three-point line, which is crazy. What a waste of a good return. Beginners need a lot of snapshots to look in the mirror.

The Knicks

For the past two weeks, Knicks-especially the starters-have been messing around at home. They continued to lose games at MSG, and Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks was no exception. The game again followed the familiar format: the starters created a huge gap, and the bench pushed them back into the game.

Usually, the head coach Tom Thibodeau would let them sit down and reward the second team in the last few minutes, which surprised Knicks fans. However, this time, Tibbs let the bench finish the game after they erased a 24-point hole in the third quarter. The good guys even managed to turn the game into a three-pointer by Emmanuel Quickley.


Credits featured image: Jean-Baptiste Bellet, Flickr

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