Marc Anthony is planning to set the Barclays Center on fire! The fiery Latin star will make a stop in Brooklyn for one night on September 19. The show is a part of Marc Antony’s global tour that would make several stops in four countries on the two sides of the Atlantic – the US, Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

The 2021 world tour

As I mentioned above – Marc Anthony will visit four countries for 34 total shows. The tour will start at the TA&T Center in San Antonio, TX on 27 August. Marc will tour for 19 shows between the show in San Antonio and the finishing show for the US part in Miami on November 19. The tour will then continue in Canada, Mexico, two more US shows, and Spain.

Marc Anthony in the Barclays Center

As in every tour of every artist, one of the highly-anticipated shows is the one in New York. Marc Anthony will visit the Barclays Center on September 19. As a New York native, Marc Anthony is expected to draw a huge crowd for his fiery show in the cool late September evening. Hurry up and secure your tickets. But more on the tickets – later.


Primary market

Ticketmaster provides the primary market with tickets, alongside the box office of the Barclays Center. We might call the tickets “cheap”. Prices for one start at $81.90 for sections 206 – 226. The catch here is that you are obliged to buy two. This means that you’d spent $169.80 for a couple of seats as furthest from the stage as possible. I can’t call this the best deal.

Tickets at Section 106 – 126 start at $150.40. They might be positioned lower, but are head and shoulders over those above. For the aforementioned price, you’ll get tickets at Section 207, row 1 with a better view towards the stage. If you’re looking for better seats, you can always venture one section below, where ticket prices start at $243.05 and are the best deal that you can strike at Ticketmaster. The most expensive ticket is at Section 24, row 2 and it costs $609.60.

Secondary Market

This time, there’s another major difference between the Primary and the Secondary markets, besides the prices. Most major resellers provide tickets for the floor areas and the frontstage. And, of course, ticket prices are rather high.

Stub Hub

Prices for Floor tickets at Section 9 start at $376 including fees. This is the lowest price on the Floor. The highest ones are on Floor 2 and Floor 5. They provide the best view towards the stage. The top 3 most expensive tickets are on the Lower section – Lower 9, 23, and 24. They cost $1.307 and $1.088 respectively.

Seat Geek

Seat Geek’s inventory and prices are pretty much the same as the rest. However, what separates them from the rest are the VIP Packages. Silver costs $1.068 and Gold costs $1.627. Diamond is a bit more expensive, priced at 2.061. Front Row VIP sits at the top costing 2,869. It includes, and I quote, Front Row Vip Package Includes Premium Front Row Floor Seating Plus Access To The Exclusive Vip Lounge With Official Tour Vip Merchandise And Vip Parking Pass!

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats has it cheap. Ticket prices start at $102 for the cheapest tickets at the Upper levels. Middle levels also have it relatively cheap with tickets starting at $224. The bulk of the Lower levels are priced between $303 and all the way up to $731. The most expensive seats are Floor Row 3 and Lower Level 23, Row 3 that cost $791 and $797.

What was Marc up to in the last couple of years?

Marc Anthony is not a person to stand idle, no matter what! During the times of the global COVID – 19 pandemic, he was part of several large-scale projects off the music stage. He launched a signature clothing line for Kohl’s. His own branding is available at Kohl’s locations and the company’s online store. His collection includes tops, pants, outwear, and even socks.

Marc Anthony also returned to his acting career. He starred in quite a few movies throughout the years. In 2021 he starred in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s movie take on his musical “In The Heights” where he took the role of Mr. De La Vega.

The Opus Tour, 2019

Marc Anthony’s tours suffered from the global COVID – 19 pandemic…twice. His last couple of tours had to reschedule dates because of the health crisis. Still, the tour received high praises from both fans and critics.

Elias Leight

Anthony’s refusal to change with the times on Opus is unfashionable, but intelligent. Change is one of pop’s most overused and inconsistently applied narratives — many transformations are ill-advised, and change for change’s sake isn’t all that different from inertia. Anthony, on the other hand, is focused on continuity. Opus is co-produced by Sergio George, who oversaw Anthony’s masterful 1995 breakthrough, Toda a Su Tiempo. The keyboard tuning sounds just as it did 25 years ago.Many of the tracks on Opus aim for the melodic ferocity of Anthony’s Nineties catalog, with stampeding bass lines, strafing runs on the piano and magnificently coordinated horns (“Parecen Viernes,” the end of “Reconozco”).

Marc Anthony in New York

Elias Leight, Billboard

As a native New Yorker, Marc Anthony is highly revered by local fans. He often has grand concerts in the venues in town! One of his most notable concerts was the 2018 show in the MSG. A full house, the show was one of the usual whirlwind of passion, song, and music!

A Marc Anthony concert also involves a series of ritualized exchanges with the audience; it is a festival of mutual generosity. He turned to the crowd and waved his hands like a conductor, finessing the constant singalongs, or held his arms wide and wiggled his hips, soliciting thunderous applause. He kissed an old lady, shook hands, accepted flowers, and blew theatrical, lip-smacking air smooches. And he draped himself in the Puerto Rican flags that were handed to him by the audience, especially during “Preciosa,” which honors the island. 

March Anthony’s fame is so big, that HBO created a movie about one of his concerts! His show at the Madison Square Garden was released on TV and DVD in 2004. It’s nearly four hours long, but it’s worth every second!

In Conclusion

Marc Anthony and his concert in the Barclays Center would certainly be one of the prime events in mid-September! September nights are cold in New York, but the Barclays Center would certainly be on fire with Marc Anthony!

Credits featured image: mundocarrete, Flickr

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