The musically extraordinary and budding actor Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) will begin touring in 2021 to support his new album Tickets to My Downfall! This latest version is the fifth studio album of the young rapper, following his Diablo released in 2019.

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK started his professional career in 2006. He made his mark in the music industry, and is now one of the most promising artists in the United States! Kelly, a young machine gun from Cleveland, Ohio, released his first mixtape Stamp of Approval in 2006. In the first album, MGK began participating in various Freestyle Battles competitions across North America. There he ignited hope for the self-proclaimed “anarchist” career. In 2012 he released Laced up. It ranked fourth on the US charts, and his next two albums (General Admission and Bloom in 2015) reflect this success.

Machine Gun Kelly has sold 20 million records worldwide. He has consolidated his position as one of the most promising artists in North America. Don’t miss the chance to watch him live!

Tickets to My Downfall

Tickets to My Downfall is the fifth studio album by American musician Machine Gun Kelly. Unlike his established rap voice, this album is a guitar-driven pop-punk album. Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records released it on September 25, 2020. Tickets to My Downfall had previously released singles: “Bloody Valentine’s Day”, “Alien Concert” and “My Ex’s Best Friend”.


Contrary to the hip-hop style of Baker’s first four studio albums, Tickets to My Downfall was designed by Baker as a pop-punk album. He also hopes to use this voice to expand to a larger crowd and achieve success. Baker pointed out that his father liked his music for the first time in his career. The postponement of this album to September 2020 is something Baker feels is the ultimate solution. That is because he pointed out that this album has a good summer atmosphere, and he believes that people can appreciate this atmosphere while enduring the COVID-19 blockade.

Credits:; Machine Gun Kelly’s Official website.

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