Rock icon, guitarist, interactive pioneer, singer/songwriter, and record producer Todd Rundgren will be on tour in 2021. And he’ll make a stop at the Gramercy Theater!

Todd Rundgren on tour!

Years of experience and praise never made Rundgren complacent. But he continued to push boundaries and methods in creative and surprising ways. Hardcore fans know that when it comes to Rundgren’s live performances, they always look forward to surprises; he injects instinctive energy into his fresh materials, and his impressive vocal endurance will show the spider web/any criticism.

Rundgren toured with Micky Dolenz, Jason Scheff, Christopher Cross, and Badfinger’s Joey Molland at the end of 2019. He celebrated the Beatles’ white album “Today is fifty years ago-a tribute to the Beatles’ white album”.

In recent years

In December 2020, Rundgren released his English translation of the 1978 song “Flappie”, originally written by Dutch comedian Youp Hek. And in 2021, he released a new album with Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo. In April 2021, he reunited with Sparks after 50 years of making his first album. And he released the single “Your Fandango”.

A storied career!

As a solo artist from 1972 to 1978, Rundgren won four top 40 singles in the United States in the Billboard Hot 100. Including a hit single that entered the top 10 with “Hello, It’s Me” and three Entered the top 40 albums in the United States on the Billboard 200. He is one of them. The first outstanding figures as artists and producers. He is also influential in the fields of powerful pop music, low-fidelity, dubbing, and experimental music.

Rundgren performed in a variety of eclectic styles so that his singles. They often contrasted with other tracks in their derived LP, which weakened his public appeal. Speaking of his early adoption of digital technology, he said: “I am not the first to start recording digitally because it is too expensive. But once the technology reaches the level I can afford, I turn to digital .” Rundgren said that adjusting his voice to meet business expectations has never been a problem for him because he has “made a lot of money from production”, which is a rare luxury for artists.

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