New Sculptures on Broadway: Art Installation Here Unveiled!

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Broadway just became the home of fourteen amazing sculptures, waving hello to the participants of our free tour! The art installation named Here was unveiled recently and will be around until August 29!

Here – the new sculptures on Broadway

The art installation was named Here. It symbolizes unity, diversity, and individuality, and is dedicated to all New Yorkers and visitors passing through the neighborhood.

The sculptures were created by Spanish-born sculptor Santi Flores. He’s famous for his plastic arts that often synergize with other art forms such as music, trying to create feelings, emotions, relationships, and people.

The art installation

The sculptures of Here are spread all around Broadway, between 38th and 41st Streets. They are made of steel, concrete, and enamel paint. They vary in size and color, which makes them look vastly different. The tallest one is 14 ft. tall.

Despite their differences, which symbolize the difference between the people of New York, all the sculptures share the same pose with a raised hand that greets those that walk by and symbolizes the unity of the people around them.

What to see around

Credits: Diliff

These sculptures spread around Broadway will certainly be a highlight. Here is free to see and it is already gathering crowds for selfies.

The whole area is full of iconic New York landmarks, like the Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building, The Morgan Library and Museum, Summit One Vanderbilt, and more.

Also, Theater District is very close-by, so seeing Here can be combined with a matinee or an evening show on Broadway.

In conclusion

Here is a cool set of sculptures that makes Broadway even more welcoming. You won’t have any problems spotting the sculptures – they are either 14 feet tall or surrounded by a crowd taking selfies.

Credits featured image: Peter K Burian, Wikimedia Commons

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