Billie Eilish has received some criticism due to the high ticket prices. The Happier Than Ever world tour tickets will go on sale this week. Eilish announced her 2022 World Tour last week and uses the Ticketmaster Verified Fan system to measure fan demand and may influence dynamic pricing decisions to maximize revenue. The prices she sees in major ticket markets have met some resistance.

The Concept

This is a reality as old as the concert itself, and when artists start to shine in music, they usually set prices for their biggest fans, as Billie Eilish undoubtedly does. This fact has caused many complaints. Instead, the slate was wiped clean, replaced by touring performances with a much higher base price, and there are signs that during today’s general sales period, when foot traffic reaches its peak, the price will rise It takes a few minutes to decide whether they are willing to spend every dollar the Ticketmaster algorithm thinks they are willing to give up or hope to get the best results in the secondary market.

What Does it Mean?

In practice, this means that when fans flood into the system, the system will respond by raising the price to what its massive user data thinks they can or are willing to pay. This also means that there is no real meaning behind any announced Billie Eilish fares, as these numbers may change at any time. Systems such as Verified Fan are also used to power this dynamic pricing machine, requiring access to more user data and allowing the development of profiles for average fans and their means to better determine the highest price. It also sometimes creates the impression that demand is overwhelming, making the initial sale price very high, even if the supply is sufficient due to restrictions from promoters, these products will be released in small quantities as the exhibition approaches.


Just look at the Taylor Swift tour, which allowed the Verified Fan to push prices up to the stratosphere, implying that there is no other option to ensure access security other than paying for any dynamic pricing requirements. You will only see many shows dumping tickets to fill the entire building, even for free, as the screening time approaches. The British media have noticed that fans are suffering from these dynamically priced tours, which makes the concept of “face value” meaningless. “Billie Eilish Tour: Fans rave about the ‘expensive’ fares.

Since the US dates for Billie Eilish’s tour are generally on sale today, we are likely to see similar types of ink spilled on this side of the pond in the next few days.

Is all this criticism towards the ticket prices of the tour of Billie Eilish justified? In the end, this is how the primary market works on tours of this scale these days, especially since the income of these artists stopped for more than a year after the pandemic (although Live Nation stock is at the highest level in history). Hope for Billie Eilish fans, if they pay for the dynamic pricing tag this week, they will not be troubled by buyer’s regret, but as the show date approaches, the ticket prices they see in the secondary market are much lower.