NY Jets With A 27-10 Loss to Buffalo Bills in Season Final

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NY Jets have conceded a 27-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills in the final game of the season. The game showcased many of the Jets’ flaws throughout the season.


Statistics show that they are the worst defense in football. And one of the worst defenses the Jets have ever made. They just made sure that they didn’t play like that in Buffalo on Sunday afternoon. The defense of the young, devastated, and sometimes bad Jets finally matured in this game, allowing the powerful Bills offense to get everything it can handle. They frustrated quarterback Josh Allen, suppressed his receiver, and even controlled their game in the second half.

Although the NY Jets eventually lost -27-10 to the Buffalo Bills, it was still an impressive performance. This is another sign of the clear progress made by the Jets in their first year under head coach Robert Saleh. There is no doubt that the teams participating in the regular season finals are much better than the teams playing on the opening day.

A comeback game

The way the game started does not look like that. The Bills and their fifth-ranked offense flowed on the court the first time they had the ball, ran for 75 yards and 4:18 touchdowns in seven games. In their next series, they returned to the court and scored a second consecutive touchdown at the feet of Stefon Diggs. But the Jets forced them to shoot, and then the Jets defense really stabilized. After the first two offenses, the Bills scored 135 yards and 10 points. In the remaining games, they scored 289 yards and 17 points in 11 kick-offs. Yes, the Jets’ defense was weakened in the fourth quarter and gave up two touchdowns.

Remember, this NY Jets defense embarrassed the Buffalo Bills with a 45-17 defeat in mid-November. They were shredded for 489 yards that day, including Allen’s 366 yards of passing and another 139 yards of landing.

A moral victory

The NY Jets defense wanted to redeem it against the Buffalo Bills, and to some extent they got it. Allen needs 45 pass attempts to throw 239 yards. The Bills did have 170 yards rushing, but 72 yards came from two big runs and 63 yards came from Allen. Although Diggs had 9 catches for 81 yards and a touchdown, it was still far below his 162 yards in the first meeting, and his second half was very quiet. For defenses that are sometimes very bad, this is not bad. This is a sign of progress, and this is the whole content of this season. Here are more gains from another defeat, which should really be regarded as another “moral victory” for the Jets…

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