Pass Over Begins Broadway Previews on August 4th

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The return of Broadway is getting closer day by day-but this week it has been bumped for nearly a month. The producers of Pass Over announced that the official Broadway previews will start on August 4th, 30 days before Hadestown that in turn announced plans to reopen on Labor Day weekend last week.

Pass Over

Pass Over was described by the New York Times as “an exciting drama about two black people trapped on a street corner”, consisting of three actors, 85 minutes in length and no intermission.

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Playwright Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu told The Times: “Every day, New York and Times Square are rejuvenated in a focused way, and I want our show to be a part of it.” “I want our show to become a leader. A very obvious and very important part of this allegation, so after we completed our due diligence, I knew it was a safe thing, and I agreed.”


The producer plans to perform at full capacity at the August Wilson Theater with 1,190 spectators. August 4th marks the beginning of the preview, and the official opening will take place on September 12th. The plan lasts until October 10.


The cast of Pass Over Broadway Previews includes Jon Michael Hill, Namir Smallwood, and Gabriel Elbert. Nwandu plans to write a new ending for this work, intended to bring a more “healing tone” than the original ending for one of the main characters that spend most of their time worrying about dying at the hands of the police.

“It’s not about opening early, opening first, or something like that,” said producer Matt Rose. “It’s about how often can we bring this story that I think is very important to the audience?’ and how often can we hire employees in a safe and responsible manner.” We think this is the right time for us.”

Broadway’s juggernauts are preparing for their respective returns!

Credits:, NY Times

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