Plaza Suite Expected to Become a Movie Soon?

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Could Plaza Suite, starring superstars Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, be turned into a movie? Apparently, there is a good possibility of this in the near future!

Plaza Suite, the movie!

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But still, Sarah Jessica Parker keeps no promises! She stated in an interview for Variety that, quote:

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Last minute offers, monthly free tickets, up to 80% on discounts & many more...

“There’s been interest in filming the production,” she told the outlet, “and we’ll start having those conversations now. Filming was something we talked about after the Broadway shutdown, and that remains something we’re trying to figure out.”

However, this is not the first Plaza Suite movie. The iconic Neil Simon comedy, which features three couples staying at the namesake hotel of the show (all played by Parker and Broderick), was adapted more than once! The show premiered in 1968 and was first filmed as a big-screen movie in 1971 and as a TV show in 1987.


Credits: Andreas Praefcke, Wikimedia Commons

Plaza Suite has a serious mass appeal, so people are flocking to the Hudson Theater to see their favorite Carrie Bradshaw and Ferris Bueller. These mainstream superstars however have a serious Broadway background. Sarah Jessica Parker has starred in Annie, How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Sylvia. Matthew Broderick is a real Broadway heavyweight, starring in shows like The Producers, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, and How to Succeed in Business.

Broadway Pass has a number of tickets starting at $144. They also have a good amount of tickets in-store, but you need to shop as quickly as possible, because they may run out of tickets very quickly. And that goes for all vendors. also sells tickets for Plaza Suite. The lowest price on their website is $299. They also have a rich inventory, but also require a service fee. sells tickets starting at $249.


Plaza Suite runs a 6-day week with shows every day besides Monday. There’s an evening show on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, two shows on Wednesday and Saturday, and a matinee on Sunday.

In conclusion

Do remember that Plaza Suite has a limited run on Broadway and is planned to end on June 26, so move quickly as possible for your tickets, or you’ll have to wait for the movie to see back Sara and Matthew back on the same stage!

Mr. Saturday Night Returned to the Nederlander, on March 29!

Credits featured image: David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons

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