RAW in the American Airlines Center, Dallas, July 19!

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The next episode of RAW will take place in the American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX. It would be the first show after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view and I suspect that it would be rather turbulent. Who knows, maybe someone would cash in on Bobby Lashley…if he’s still a champion. Still, it would be a Monday night RAW to remember in Dallas. After all, the show would be in front of a live crowd!


Ticketmaster sells the tickets for RAW in American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX. Prices start at $38.89, including fees. Many of these seats are labeled as “Limited View” but there are decent seats that would give you a great view towards the ring.

Between $80 and $105 you can get seats with a far better view towards the ring, and for $400+ you can literally be seated behind the commentator team.  


Drew McIntyre will defeat Veer or Shanky In the latest episode of RAW. Drew McIntyre destroys Jinder Mahal’s motorcycle. We will see Drew confronting one of Veer or Shanky in the next episode. This made sense after they intervened a few weeks ago. If this happens, I think Drew will win. This will lay the foundation for future matches between Drew and Jinder.

AJ Styles will beat Ivar in the rematch In the latest episode of RAW, Ivar defeated AJ Styles. Omas also defeated Eric in the same episode. My guess is that Styles will take revenge in the next episode. I think Styles will beat Yvar in the show.

Sheamus will attack Damian Priest. In the latest episode of RAW, the feud between Sheamus and Damian Priest was seriously teased. This happened after the priest helped Humberto Carrillo. In the next episode, I think Simos will attack Pastor Damian. This will set Himos against Pastor Damian for the upcoming episode. For the US Championship, this will be an interesting game, which seems to be the goal we are working on. Bobby Leslie will defeat Xavier Woods to keep the WWE title In the latest episode of RAW, there is a major uneasiness.

Bobby Leslie was defeated by Xavier Woods. This is definitely to prepare for the next episode of the rematch between Lashley and Woods. I can also see that the WWE championship title is also online. If this happens, Lashley will definitely win. My guess is that Lashley completely destroyed Woods. They now seem to be shaping Lashley into a serious monster, so it makes sense.


Xavier Woods def. Bobby Lashley

Although angry at The New Day’s recent accusations that he was “soft” and absolutely dominated most of the games, WWE champion Bobby Leslie did not perform well against Xavier Woods. Two days before the WWE Money in the Bank and Kofi Kingston championship battle, Woods used the internal cradle to stun the all-around team. The Almighty rushed out of the ring angrily without worrying about waiting for the MVP. American champion

Sheamus def. Humberto Carrillo

After attacking Humberto Carrillo in the background before the start of the game and offering a follow-up Brogue Kick to the war-torn challenger a few seconds after the start, Sheamus retained his American title. However, when the Celtics were preparing for a post-match assault, Damian Priest rushed to the ring to stop the party.

Nicky A.S.H. definition. Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Naomi in a deadly 4-way match

On the way to the Sunday Money Bank Ladder competition, Asuka, Nicky A.S.H., Naomi, and Alexa Bliss faced off in a deadly four-man duel. However, after an earlier quarrel in Alexa’s playground, Eva Marie and Doudrop appeared. When Bliss turned his attention to Eva, Doudrop attacked Miss Bliss from behind and threw the twisted superstar onto the roadblock. After the attack, Alexa was nowhere to be found. With three remaining competitors, Nikki A.S.H. defeated Asuka with a quick pin in Bank Ladder Match and achieved a huge victory.

Bobby Lashley destroyed the VIP lounge

Bobby Lashley destroyed the VIP lounge and sent a strong message to Kofi Kingston Although WWE champion Bobby Leslie lost to Xavier Woods earlier that night, the MVP decided to celebrate him in the VIP lounge. After several introductions, the Almighty finally appeared, but not for the celebration that his hurting business team expected.


Credits featured image: Wikimedia commons

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