Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera: Dec. 31 – June 8, ’22!

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The popular production of Tony Award winner Barlett Sher Rigoletto will be in the Metropolitan Opera between New Year’s Eve and June 2022!

Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera

The powerful tragedy of Verdi takes us to Mantua between the 1500s to the 1920s. With Art Deco-style sets and fantastic period costumes. Holding up a mirror that reflects the eternal conflict between depravity and innocence, is a boiling pot of revenge. And it’s interrupted by some of the most exciting and unforgettable music of this great composer.

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In the ultimate story of jealousy, revenge, and sacrifice, Rigoletto tells the misfortune of his titular character. But only in 60s Las Vegas. He is a clown in the Duke’s court. He is very good at humiliating courtiers. This makes the Duke very happy. However, when his sharp tongue was too much. And the lustful Duke seduced his beloved daughter Gilda then the jester tried everything to protect her innocence, and a devastating whirlpool swallowed them all.


Metropolitan Opera sounded the alarm at the premiere in the new year, boldly performing the eternal tragedy of Bartlett Sher. The Tony Award-winning director reinterpreted the European opera performances of the 1920s. With Michael Yeargan’s Art Deco sets and Catherine Zuber’s elegant costumes, which themselves won eight Tony Awards. Rosa Feola played the lead role of Gilda, the tenor Piotr Beczała played the Duke of Mantua, and the lead master Daniele Rustioni was on the podium. The second round of the spring performance was starring soprano Kristina Mkhitaryan and tenor Stephen Costello and directed by Karel Mark Chichon.

Bartlett Sher’s take

Michael Mayer’s critically acclaimed work debuted in the 2012-13 season, setting the Verdi masterpiece’s action in Las Vegas in 1960—a game of money and a ruthless, powerful neon-lit world ruled by people. Piotr Beczała is a Duke, a popular entertainer, and casino owner, he will do whatever he can to get what he wants. Željko Lučić sings for his partner and comedian Rigoletto, Diana Damrau is Rigoletto’s innocent daughter Gilda. When she was lured by the duke, the jester began a brutal tragedy of revenge. Štefan Kocán is the assassin Sparafucile, commanded by Michele Mariotti.

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Credits featured image: Wikimedia commons – ajay_suresh

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