Safety Guidelines for National Tours

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Nationwide tours prepare to hit the road again this summer. So, the new safety guidelines for national tours were recently agreed by the Actors Equity Association (a union representing stage performers and managers) and the Broadway League (traveling company’s trade organization) will take effect). According to the New York Times, the key requirement is that all company members must be fully vaccinated. And manufacturers can waive them at their discretion.

Policies and Measures

Audience members do not need such authorization (at least not through an equity agreement). Although those going to the theater need to wear a mask and sit at least six feet away from the orchestra pit or the foot of the stage.

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The other policies outlined with the safety guidelines for national tours are in the new agreement echo the union’s previous “fully vaccinated” product guidelines. This includes implementing COVID safety officials to enforce the agreement and flag offenders. Company members also need to undergo a weekly COVID test (free of charge) to monitor and identify hot spots as early as possible. Back on the road: The National Tour starts to arrange stops across the country from 2021 to 2022.


The national tour’s reopening schedule is more or less in line with the Broadway schedule. More launches (or relaunch) throughout the fall and some will be back on the road in August. The first return to the stage tour will include Wicked (starting in Dallas on August 3). And Hamilton (starting in San Francisco on August 10, while sitting in Los Angeles).


According to Broadway reports, Wicked will resume its national tour this summer. This is the first Broadway tour to resume performances after the theater closed. The musical will be staged at the Dallas Fair Park Concert Hall from August 3 to September 5, 2021. After Broadway closes on March 12, 2020, the tour will be suspended. Due to the uncertain return date, part of the itinerary ends early. There is a charge for reinstalling the product. According to the theater website, in preparation for production, the concert hall upgraded the air filtration system, installed a separate HEPA air purifier, increased the cleaning schedule of the theater surface, and modified the box office and ticket scanning station to limit physical contact. Visitors must wear masks. Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium.

Mean Girls

“Mean Girl” will resume its North American tour in November. Due to the pandemic, the tour was suspended in March 2020. It will resume on November 2 at ASU Gammage in Tempe, Arizona. After a week of appointments, the tour will go to more than 40 cities in North America. The tour lineup will be announced later. The North American tour of “Mean Girl” first opened in September 2019. “Mean Girl” produced by Broadway was launched in April 2018. In January, it was announced that it would no longer reopen on Broadway.

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