The NFL will return to full stadiums this fall said Commissioner Goodell. As the COVID-19 case rate has aroused people’s attention, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with the NFL Network broadcast over the weekend that. He still believes that the entire league’s stadiums will be full this fall.

The NFL at full stadiums this fall!

“This year, we are happy that local regulations allow us to have fans in all 32 stadiums. We will still be smart. And we’re still willing to adapt. We will still do everything we can to ensure that our fans are safe while there”. Goodell said in an interview with Inside Training Camp Live. “But we want the NFL to return to full stadiums. You know, the fans want to come back. This is the first thing we hear. We saw this in ticket sales. Fans just want to be part of (of) and have this collective experience. It’s fun to do this in an NFL game.”

Vaccination rates

In the interview, Goodall stated that the vaccination rate of players across the league is very high. Nearly 89% of players have been vaccinated at least once. And 22 clubs have reached or exceeded 90%, and 9 clubs have reached 95%. These numbers, coupled with the strong demand from fans to restore the full-load stadium, mean that despite the delta variant problem, there is still a season plan without capacity restrictions. At least for now. Goodall said: “I think more and more numbers show that people are getting more comfortable. A better understanding of them is effective. They are safe, and they are the best way to protect themselves and their families and everyone around them.

“So I think that’s why you see the increase in numbers. I think we will continue to see this as we move further into the camp and the camp opens. I think we are in a place where people can be safe and interference is limited.”

Recent Data

In recent weeks, the consequences of uncontrolled transmission between players and staff have also intensified. Last week, the coalition updated its COVID-19 agreement for coalition personnel. They made did the test plan to understand the frequency of any and all potential cases within the organization for isolation purposes.

“We are all following science. We are looking at what is happening in the world around us, and obviously, there are variants. It is changing the way we look at it,” Goodell added. “I think the key to us this year, like last year, will be working together. Working with our club and our players and really adjusting our agreements when necessary. That is where we are going. I think if we do this and stay ahead. I think we will be effective and have very limited interference this season.”

Credits:; NFL Network

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