If the New York Knicks enter the second round of the NBA playoffs, they hope to have a full house. This means that all of the approximately 20,000 tickets for the second round. They will be sold to people who are vaccinated only. The New York Knicks plan to sell tickets to vaccinated fans exclusively!

Once again – a game open for fans

MSG executive David Hopkinson announced these plans to the media. “The energy that the Knicks fans bring to the playoffs is incredible-it proves that there is nothing more exciting than the Knicks playing at Garden Court,” Said in the press release. “It is this moment that shows us that if everyone is vaccinated, everything is possible. We will all be able to re-do what we like to do-which definitely includes being together for the Knicks in Madison Square Garden Cheer up.”


According to the team, so far, 90% of tickets sold in the first round of the playoffs have been sold to vaccinated areas. These areas do not require social distancing or wearing masks when customers are seated and would allow the Knicks to sell tickets to vaccinated fans. The use of tickets in these parts requires a complete vaccination certificate. Children under the age of 16 can enter these areas if they test negative for COVID. But they must wear a mask unless they actively eat or drink.

Policy Change

With this policy change, this will apply to the entire venue. It was previously open to unvaccinated fans, who provided proof of a recent negative COVID test and wear masks. It was a difficult climb for New York, falling behind the Eagles 3-1 after Game 4 on Sunday. For Tuesday’s fifth game, the team is expected to have 16,000 spectators. They believe is the largest indoor spectator since the pandemic began, in New York.

Team officials announced this policy on May 28 after seeing Madison Square Garden appear in the first two games of the series. This is the team’s first playoff game since 2013.

Credits featured image: Jean-Baptiste Bellet, Flickr

Source: ticketnews.com, NY Times