The MetLife Stadium will be fully operational for the Jets and Giants this season. The team announced on Thursday that New Jersey’s current policy will allow fans to participate without wearing a mask. They have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. The approximately 80,000-seat stadium will be operated for free in all concession booths and retail operations.


Several measures would be taken for MetLife fully operational. A reverse ATM machine can be used to convert cash to a debit card. Trailing will also be allowed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans were not allowed to play in Meadowlands, New Jersey last season. Many NFL stadiums have announced plans to fully load their fans at the start of the regular season in September. On the same day the news broke, Governor Phil Murphy announced that 70% of New Jerseys had been fully vaccinated.

Murphy set a deadline for 4.7 million adult residents to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by June 30. And like his colleagues across the river, he seems to have reached this benchmark earlier than expected. Democrats said that as of Thursday, 4,649,450 New Jerseys had been vaccinated. Although the latest data from the CDC show that the state has far exceeded the monthly goal of nearly 70,000 people. This means that 70% of adults in the state are now protected from the virus, which has caused more than 26,000 people in New Jersey to be home.

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is a stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is 5 miles (8 kilometers) west of New York City. The stadium opened in 2010. It replaced the Giants Stadium and is the home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). The stadium is owned by MetLife Stadium, a joint venture between the Giants and Jets. it is privately funded the construction of the venue on the land of the New Jersey State Sports and Expo Administration. It cost about 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, and when completed, it was the most expensive stadium ever built in the United States.

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