The new NFL season 21 is set to return with fans on the stands! The Buccaneers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in front of a 65,000 strong crowd in Tampa Bay!

NFL Season 21 with fans!

When Tampa Bay won the Lombardi trophy to end the 2020 season, there were fans in the stands, but it was nothing compared to the crowd who entered the Raymond James Stadium last night to officially welcome the NFL 21 season. The Pirates defeated the visiting Dallas Cowboys 31-29 and won the first game of the season. This was in front of more than 65,000 people on the court in Tampa Bay.

This game featured a full-court. It was the first since the Super Bowl LIV held in Miami on February 2, 2020. COVID was an issue at the time, but it has not yet affected live events in any meaningful way. The fans in the stands did not lose the ability to be there in person on Thursday night.

“It’s a coming-out party,” said Tom Dart, a Buccaneers fan from Sarasota, Fla. “We got deprived last year, won the Lombardi Trophy, and didn’t get to enjoy any of the events. It’s a lot of pent-up emotion and fervor and all that. You’re seeing it tonight.”

Super Bowl LV

The number of spectators is almost three times the number allowed by Super Bowl LV. It was held at the stadium in February 2021. Tom Brady led his team to a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. This weekend, other members of the league will start their season. Fans from all over the country will be part of it. Varying degrees of COVID restrictions will be implemented in terms of vaccination certification/negative testing and masking policies. But the complete stand is a comprehensive plan-at least for now.

“It’s not surprising to me, but the biggest gain from the last season was the lack of fans. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall said “This showed how important they are to the game and the experience on TV”. He was present on Thursday. At SoFi Stadium when the Rams play their home game against Chicago on Sunday night. “We have always emphasized how important this is, but it is clearly obvious.”

Last night’s game

According to data provided by, in the field of ticketing, last night’s game was one of the most popular in the market. It had an average ticket price of US$722. In terms of the average price paid in the young season, this is a good thing for the fourth-ranked team. Tampa Bay’s return to New England is the number one ticket in the market. Brady’s return to Gillette Stadium’s long-term home is at a crazy average price of $1,765. That was more expensive than Kansas City’s second place in Las Vegas.

More than twice as much as $814. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is the most popular home ticket. Seven of the first 10 games are the most popular. The Allegiant Stadium’s 9 games are in the first 15 games. As far as the visiting team is concerned, Dallas seems to be the strongest draw, currently ranked 5th in the first 20 games.


The top 20 tickets with the highest average price are provided below. The NFL season continues at full speed on Sunday, with 14 games throughout the day, based on the prime-time game between the Los Angeles Bears and the Rams. This week ended with the third best seller so far, Baltimore visited the Loyalty Stadium and the Raiders.

  1. Tampa Bay at New England – $1,765 average price
  2. Kansas City at Las Vegas – $814
  3. Baltimore at Las Vegas – $727
  4. Dallas at Tampa Bay – $722
  5. Miami at Las Vegas – $635
  6. Chicago at Las Vegas – $619
  7. Philadelphia at Las Vegas – $608
  8. Denver at Las Vegas – $570
  9. Dallas at Kansas City – $527
  10. Cincinnati at Las Vegas – $502
  11. Washington at Las Vegas – $494
  12. Pittsburgh at Green Bay – $474
  13. Dallas at New England – $454
  14. LA Chargers at Las Vegas – $451
  15. Pittsburgh at LA Chargers –$441
  16. Green Bay at Chicago – $439
  17. Buffalo at Tampa Bay – $418
  18. Dallas at New Orleans – $408
  19. Green Bay at Kansas City – $404
  20. Dallas at LA Chargers – $389

Ed Sheeran opened the game!

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