Just days before the first serve of the game, the US Open announced that participants would be required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. The tennis tournament opened today in Flushing Meadows, New York. The decision was announced on Friday. And the qualifying tournament has begun.


When the tickets went on sale more than two months ago, there were no restrictions on admission to the event. A statement said: “In view of the development of the Delta variant, USTA will extend the mayor’s requirements to all U.S. Open ticket holders 12 years and older. ,” said from USTA.

“Any U.S. Open participant who holds tickets to Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, stands, or U.S. Open venues must provide proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before entering the venue.”


The planned shift is due to the increasing number of cases related to the Delta variant of COVID-19. One year after the ban on live spectators in the event’s 140-year history, the event will allow full participants. All indoor areas will also need to wear masks.

“We have all seen a world that is still dealing with COVID-19. Things are starting to change,” said Chris Widmaier. “With the release of the Mayor’s Executive Order last week, we and everyone else in New York City have gained more information on indoor public spaces. At that time we started to make adjustments. In the past day or so, indoor The specific definition of the space has become clear. So we need to further adjust our agreement. The Delta variant still brings problems and obstacles to all of us. US Open will follow all government guidelines and try our best to reduce it to us Any inconvenience caused by the fans.”

US Open – proof of vaccination

Due to the new regulations, ticket holders who have not been vaccinated can choose to vaccinate, list the tickets to be resold, or contact their point of purchase to find out Refund options. Buyers in major markets can view options on Ticketmaster’s website. People buying in other markets must contact the supplier to inquire about their options. The US Open will begin today. The first round of men’s singles and women’s singles will last for two weeks. The women’s singles final will be scheduled for Saturday, September 11. And the men’s singles final will be held one day later on Sunday, September 12.

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