Informed Tourism Foundation – The Team

We are a team of professionals in tourism. We strive to disseminate information that we have assimilated for decades so that everyone in our community can benefit and improve their lives. Taking small steps can have a big impact on us and our families. We use our energy in the direction of tourism because we are convinced that a safe travelling can only be built by transparent and clear tourism initiatives and trustworthy information.

We know that it is possible in unfavorable circumstances for people to fail with their vacation planning. We have faced such challenges and we have overcome them, this is the basis of our motivation – to share usefull information and to catalyze progress in the direction of better tourism experience!

At the core of our team is Ivaylo Yordanov, who began his adventure in 2012. As we know, there are a lot of opportunities in every challenge. Such is the case of Ivaylo. He rediscover his main driving force – the desire to help others. His mission is to reduce this problem by designing data-driven informational products which connect the consumer with the final provider of the service. These include articles, price comparison charts, notification tools and more. He believes that with the help of the internet and the ever-developing technological infrastructure there is no reason preventing the direct linkage between consumers of cultural services and the small local providers of these services and artists. He firmly believes that nonprofits like ours can further advance cultural exchange and bring on the numerous positive externalities for everyone that come with it.

Our Values

  1. Empathy:
    We have personally faced many challenges and problems as a tourists. However, it is worth investing in this way of life or, more precisely, philosophy. That is why we are always on the line to support those who are still moving in this direction.
  2. Leadership:
    We strive to be truly good leaders, and the best way to do that is personal example and commitment. We are always available to lend a supportive hand and point in the right direction in terms of tourism. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are convinced that we have something to give to the world and we do it with pleasure.
  3. Happiness:
    The ultimate goal of our efforts is happiness. Life is too short and too precious not to be lived happily. For us, travelling is exactly the props needed to achieve prosperity, and as we have already noted, complete prosperity is associated with knowledge and world outlook – that leads to a true happiness!