The Injuries at the Giants Ahead of the Chiefs Game

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Every team is dealing with injuries, but the New York Giants suffered a line of losses on the same side of the offense.

The injuries at the Giants

All in all, it was a frustrating scene for Daniel Jones, who lost most of the organizers in the second season. Thus hindering his growth, or at least not showing his ceiling. When the Giants came to the Arrows to visit the Kansas City Chiefs during a football game on Monday night, we thought we should check the official injury report. We needed to see how the Giants are and how various injuries affect the outcome of the game.

Season so far

In the first three weeks of the regular season, the Giants pretended not to be sure how to use their first-round pick, Cardarius Tony. He rarely appears in the first round of the team’s 2021 NFL Draft. Florida products entered the NFL as an ideal slot receiver and returner. Given that he entered the NFL with a history of minor injuries, this shows that his status is as high as him. Бecause this position was not entirely covered on the first day.

Week 4

In Week 4, the Giants’ offense began to concentrate. Аnd at least when it came to Tony, everyone understood why the Giants wanted to add this to their offense. Tony’s speed and route running allow him to create separation and moving chains. And he is also very dangerous when catching the ball in large strides. That week, in his first NFL start, he made only 14 yards in the first three weeks of the season. He received 6 times and completed 78 yards.

Week 5

In Week 5, he exploded with 10 catches and 189 yards, losing to the Dallas Cowboys. Even in failed efforts, this mass production has attracted people’s attention. After missing last week due to injury, he looks promising to play against the Chiefs. This could be a huge boost for a team that lacks other organizers (it will be more in a minute).

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