The Knicks With a Huge Win Over the Detroit Pistons!

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The New York Knicks scored a huge win against Detroit Pistons last night. However, Wednesday night, on its own, is meaningless. The result will not affect the Knicks’ record or play any role in their season. Good luck telling Tom Thibodeau.

The Knicks with a win over the Pistons

The way he treats it is much more than that. His starters have played for a long time, furious with the referees, are not as good as dead in every game, and surprise his players on some loose defensive balls. The coach of the Knicks is demanding and hardworking, of course, his performance is like this. If onlookers don’t have a calendar, it’s impossible to know that this is a basketball game in mid-October by watching the coach of the home team.

Thibodeau’s players followed in his footsteps, tightened their game, and beat the Pistons 108-100. In the preseason, they improved the score to 3-0. Under the supervision of Thibodeau, they did not count. Leading 6-1 in the game.

“Everything matters to me — everything that we do,” he said afterward. “For us, we’re an organization that’s building right now. We want to get established. Our fight is continuing every day, and I love the fight in our guys.”

“I don’t wanna rest, I wanna play,” Derrick Rose said. “I wanna catch my rhythm. Just get used to the ball being in my hands.”

It’s not an isolated case

The Knicks apparently treated these games differently, even though Thibodeau let starting point guard Kemba Walker rest on Wednesday. After they played most of the third quarter, he reinserted his starters midway through the fourth quarter, including Randall, who bent his knee to the left quad and wrapped it at some point in the game. stand up.

Four of his five starting players played at least 31 minutes. “Every game is moving in a real direction, so that’s what it means,” said Randall, who scored 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists in 33 minutes. “Actually, I’m very happy that we have such a game. We didn’t shoot well and the rhythm was not good, so we had to find a solution. So it is a good test for us to mentally prepare for the season.”

A certain direction

Every game is moving in a real direction, so this is what it means,” said Randall, who scored 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists in 33 minutes. “Actually, I’m very happy. We have a game like this. We have bad shots and bad rhythm, so we have to find a way to solve it. So this is a good test for us to mentally prepare for the season. “

This is not to say that Wednesday night went according to plan. Thibodeau did not like the Knicks’ defense in the first half. They were defeated for most of the opening three quarters. Subsequently, Thibodeau talked about the intensity difference from the preseason to the regular season to the playoffs, and how far his team is. He needs to return to his starting position to win.

Coach Thibodeau’s approach

This is the same approach that Thibodeau took last year when the Knicks unexpectedly entered the playoffs as the fourth seed in the East. They mainly rely on hard work and tenacity to achieve their goals by defending and surpassing opponents every night.​​ Nothing has changed. Thibodeau has repeatedly stated that they must start from the beginning of this year, just like last year’s success did not happen, and he operates in exactly the same way. His players are already looking forward to it.


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