The Roller Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center, Apr. 15

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Rockefeller Center is like an all-season flower – it blooms with different colors every season, providing entertainment for everyone, like the famous ice skating and roller skating rink. Oh, you didn’t know?

The roller skating rink at Rockefeller Center

Credits: 12019, Pixabay

The site of the ice skating rink will now host a top-of-the-line roller skating rink. It will be operated by the famous Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, an iconic West Hollywood roller rink, and will be smaller than the original ice skating one.

The rink will officially open on April 15. And it will close in October, opening the way for the world-famous ice skating rink.

Tickets and working hours

The roller skating rink at the Rockefeller Center will have the options for rental skates. Prices will start at $12 plus $19 skate rental for kids, and $20 plus $10 rentals for adults.

Working hours

  • Monday-Wednesday: 10 am–10 pm
  • Thursday-Friday: 10am–12am
  • Saturday: 8am–12am
  • Sunday: 8am–10pm



The cool new features include spectator spaces with chairs and tables, where fans can enjoy the show rinkside.

Skaters will be able to enter through glass doors at Rink Level. The whole space was redesigned in the spirit of the original architects and will serve as a grand entrance from the Plaza and Channel Gardens.


Rink events are not at all uncommon. Here, we’ll be able to participate in roller boogie nights, DJ parties, see live events, concerts, and more! You’ll also be able to buy Flipper’s. There’s also an observation deck next to the Channel Gardens.

Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace

When it comes to Flipper’s, referring to their home in California as a palace is right. They are real roller skating royalties.

Flipper’s revolutionized the entertainment scene in an entertainment-heavy city like LA in 1979, where it became the “mecca of uninhibited fun”.

What to see near-by


Rockefeller Center is at the heart of our Free Tour. It is a huge tourist attraction on its own. And is surrounded by other major attractions. Top of the Rock is just above your heads, at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Broadway and Times Square are just around the corner, and the Grand Central Terminal is about 10 minutes on foot away.

Other popular landmarks around are the CBS building, Olympic Tower, and the Radio City music hall.

Credits featured image: Rob Young

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