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Wicked is one of the standard-bearers of modern-day Broadway, and its return is one of the highly-anticipated events. The tragic story of one of the antagonists of the Land of Oz – Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, is a real Broadway veteran. This ticket guide to Wicked on Broadway will prepare you for buying your first post-pandemic tickets!

The Numbers Behind Wicked

Giving Wicked on Broadway a ticket guide is a heavy task. The numbers behind Wicked are crazy! The show premiered on Broadway June 10, 2003 (happy birthday!!!), but would celebrate its delayed 18th birthday. During this time, the show achieved the following accolades:

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Wicked is second only to the Lion King in revenue. It surpassed the Phantom of the Opera in 2017. The three are the only Broadway shows with revenue of above $1 billion.

The story of the Wicked Witch ranks 5th in the longest-running shows with 6,836 performances. It is bond to surpass Cats (ranked 4th with 7,485 events).

Wicked’s fame is global. The play has seen multiple shows all over the world, including several North American Tours, a successful run on West End, and two UK\Ireland tours.

Surprisingly, Wicked didn’t won Best Musical, losing it to Avenue Q. However, it won three Tony Awards, seven Drama Desk Awards, and a Grammy Award for the original cast album.


The first post-COVID 19 pandemics is scheduled for September 14, but there are virtually no tickets on the Primary market. The Gershwin Theater’s box office is supposed to open in early September, but due to the current COVID 19 is safer to buy e-tickets. The following ticket guide to Wicked on Broadway will give you a view of your options to buy tickets.

Wicked on Broadway a ticket guide: Primary market

As usual, Ticketmaster distributes the e-tickets. As I mentioned above, finding tickets for the debut week is next to impossible. Your best pick is to look for tickets after September 21, where tickets are available.

Tickets start at $100.50 (including fees) for seats in the Mezzanine and go all the way up to $200 for tickets in the Orchestra (front part of the Orchestra). For about $128.25 you’ll find decent seats in the Stadium Orchestra (back part of Orchestra)

Wicked on Broadway a ticket guide: Secondary Market

While the Secondary Market might have some tickets for the early dates on stock, their prices are crazy.

Vivid Seats has a good inventory for the second week, with prices starting at $126 for tickets in Rows J – M. For seats with a better view, you have to pay at least $200. Of course, if you missed the Emerald City so much you can buy a prime seats in the center of the Orchestra for $884. sells rather cheap tickets. The cheapest pair of passes for $208. Prices go up and can reach up to $480 for a pair of tickets, including fees.

StubHub has a good ticket inventory, but their prices are higher. They start at $137 and reach up to $938 without service fees.

The Gershwin Theater

The biggest venue on Broadway, the Gershwin Theater is located at 222 West 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan in the Paramount Plaza building. It was opened November 28, 1972, and is a relatively new venue, compared to the bulk of theater that opened in the early and mid-20s.

The Gershwin Theater has a seating capacity of 1,933 separated in Orchestra, Orchestra Stadium, Front and Rear Mezzanine. It has been the home of the Wicked Witch of the West since the show premiered in 2003. Understandably, Wicked has the box office record. The show grossed $3,411,819 over nine performances for the week ending December 30, 2018.

Plot Summary

Wicked is one of the classic stories on Broadway. It is full of action, trill, and suspense from the start to the very end. Questions keep rising by the minute, like what does the Government has against animals, who is Elphaba’s father, and is she really dead?

Act I – No Mourns the Wicked

Good news!

She’s dead!

The Witch of the West is dead!

The wickedest witch there ever was

The enemy of all of us here in Oz

Crowds all over the Emerald City are cheering the death of the biggest villain and mortal enemy of all who live. Glina the Good Witch – the female of the equivalent of a knight in a shiny armor, triumphantly enters the capital city under the cheers of the citizens!

Glinda is as good, virtues, and valiant as she is considered to be, I give her that. And as such, she knows the truth – that Elphaba is not malicious, that the government is rotten to the core, and that The Wizard, despite being a capable magician, is a puppet. Glinda knows that her green-skinned friend only fought for what she believed was right. This political silver lining makes Wicked so actual today – most of the countries in the world deal with such issues like corruption, tyranny, propaganda, and prosecutions against those that are different.

How it all began?

Like a froggy, ferny cabbage

The baby is unnaturally…GREEN!

You can expect life to be difficult when you have green skin. No one notices your good heart, your kindness, your intellect, all they see is your green face. So, you have to be exceptional. So exceptional that people would actually forget your color and speak about your capabilities. And Elphaba did just that.

At first, the socially-awkward green-skinned teen is the butt of most of the jokes. Initially, she was paired as her polar opposite as a roommate – Glinda. Early Glinda seems more as a crossover character from Mean Girls – she’s a stunning blonde, striving for popularity. Her bubbly persona is well-intended, striving to give a helping hand to anyone in need…or not. After a prank that has gone wrong, she and Elphaba bond, Glinda gives her a makeup and the two become inseparable.

Along with Glinda, Elphaba catches the attention of two more significant characters. The first is Madame Morrible – headmistress of Shiz University’s Crage Hall. She recognizes Elphaba’s potential as a sorceress. Elphaba grabs this opportunity because her dream to meet the Wizard. How naive…

The third one put her on odds with her bestie. The happy-go-lucky, carefree Winkie Prince  Fiyero Tiggular becomes the love interest of both girls. Glinda wastes no time and approaches him first, but he made a clear decision.

Things turn bad when Elphaba meets Dr. Dillamond. He is about to be dismissed from his position because he’s a goat. She acknowledges the problem and tries to help, but is dismissed. Then she and Fiyero proceeds to free a Lion cub from the Special cage that is supposed to control Animals. Elphaba then leaves for the Emerald City to work with The Wizard. She takes Glinda for sightseeing and together they meet The Wizard. Morrible, the new press secretary of the Wizard gives Elphaba a spell book, called Grimmerie. However, she discovers that it is The Wizard behind the Animal plot.

She runs from the Wizard’s chamber, and to prevent the truth from getting out, Madame Morrible warns all of Oz that Elphaba is a “wicked witch!” Elphaba swears revenge on the Wizard and performs a spell on a broom and flees from the Emerald City

Act II

Elphaba is now the Wicked Witch of the West – the biggest villain in the Land of Oz. The government, in the face of Madame Morrible has enlisted Glinda the Good to track her down. She also announces her engagement to Prince Fiyero, who isn’t particularly happy about that. Glinda insists that Elphaba does not want to be found.

Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch is with her sister – Nessa at Munchkinland, where she acts as a governor. Elphaba gives her crippled sister the ability to walk by a pair of ruby slippers. She tries to force herself on her crush Boq by using a spell that turns him into the Tin Woodman.

Elphaba parleys with The Wizard, who turns out to be a meek, ordinary man. He tries to convince her to join him, but she seem Dr. Dillamond, who lost his ability to speak. The Wizard calls in his guards, but Elphaba is saved by Fiyero. This, in turn, leaves Glinda heartbroken, so she suggest to use Nessa as a bite. Morrible conjures a tornado that kills Elphaba’s baby sister and brings Dorothy in the Land of Oz.


The Wizard’s guard confront Elphaba and Fiyero, who held Glinda as hostage until his green-skin beloved made her escape.  The guards proceed to kill Fiyero, but he’s not dead for good. Glinda makes a last gesture to her good friend Elphaba, securing her a route to escape, and then covering for her. The Good Witch confronts The Wizard, who turns out to be Elphaba’s real father and the one who gave her mother the potion of green elixir. She banishes him and sends Madame Morrible to prison. She floats out to meet with the cheering crowd of Ozians.

Elphaba and Fiyero, alive and well, although changed fly away from the Land of Oz.  

Music of Wicked

What separates Wicked from the rest it the show’s grand presentation. The score is heavily thematic, perfectly suiting the scale of the events on stage, recreating and highlighting the entire mood of the show. It comes as a surprise (an unpleasant one, at least for me) that the show Best Musical and Best Original score at the Tony Awards in 2004. That didn’t prevent Wicked to establish a long legacy even by a bit. Still, the original cast album received a Grammy Award in 2005 that was certified platinum by the RIAA on November 30, 2006.

Wicked’s musical numbers are well-known by every Broadway fan. I consider Defying Gravity, No One Mourns The Wicked, and No Good Deed (by far my personal favorite, you just feel Elphaba’s grim determination…so menacing) are the finest ones.  

In conclusion

Wicked is a textbook example of how a Broadway show should look – unforgettable music score, amazing acting, superb story, and magic! Put it all into a magic blender and you’ll get a green mix that guarantees stage longevity and lasting success!

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